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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jodi’s Punishment Part 5 of 6

It took a while for me to gain a measure of self-control in my sealed tomb and I managed to bring a halt to my struggles but my breaths were still quick and deep. After my initial panic had subsided, I realised that there was no genuine threat, but this was another part of the punishment that had been laid out for me. Although I was calm at the moment, this may not last once the air inside the box became stuffy and this would be the time when I would need to conserve the remaining air or fall unconscious.

I wanted to be able to slow my breathing down and get some rest, but the fear of not waking up compelled me to remain alert, even though this thought was an irrational one as my captor wasn’t going to let me suffer any ill effects from my present confinement. There was no indication of how much time had passed as I lay on my side in the darkness, and there were no sounds from outside the box but that may mean that Madame Zana was just being quiet as she sorted other items out for the purpose of my torment.

Trying to move in my present bondage was impossible as the ball-tie chain didn’t permit me to even squirm, which meant that the possibility of getting cramps in my legs would be more probable than suffering any dire fate. This particular punishment allowed me to think about why I was going through it, and I wondered why I felt so guilty in situations, because as this only seemed to start after a certain age as I can remember the first argument that I had with my ste- babysitter.

There I go again, it’s almost as if I have a taboo on using the title. Maybe it’s because Iris has never asked me to refer to her by that relationship, which isn’t uncommon in these circumstances. The date when it started must have some kind of relevance to my problem, as I can’t understand why it didn’t happen before. It could be that I am capable of understanding, but it’s just that I won’t admit it to myself.

This in itself was unusual, as I had never reached the point where I realised that the first time I had felt so much guilt was so important in relation to my problem, but this wasn’t like any of my previous corrections. There was either overwhelming guilt, the spanking itself, or afterward when I put any idea of my guilt out of my head. Last night was the first time that I referred to Iris as my step- as my stepmother, and that was because of the way that I was treated when I refused to write it down. It was at this moment that an unpleasant thought entered my head about how I could find out the truth about my guilt, and I had to decide whether I could bear to go through the process of finding out.

Oh no, if I want to discover what is behind all of this, I may have to ask Mistress Zana to force it out of me, as this may be the only way to get to the bottom of this. I will need to build up my courage to ask her, but she may work it out on her own.

My thoughts were brought back to my present situation when I heard a slicing sound and a shaft of light appeared in the box as a knife cut the tape away, which meant that my present confinement was at an end. I don’t think that I had ever felt so relieved in my life when the flaps were lifted up before the box was taken apart, and I was dragged away from the bottom so that it could be folded up and carried out of the room.

“I think that my useless slave has had enough of a rest inside her little cell, and she needs to get warmed up before I can start her next bit of fun.” Mistress Zana said as she re-entered the room, kneeling in front of me so that the chain which bound my chest to my knees could be removed. The hogtie chain was unlocked before it was unwound from my wrists and ankles, and I was pulled up by my elbow chains so that I was forced to stand on my feet.

“I seem to remember that a certain young whore demanded that a form of torment should be applied to her when she was due to be punished again. Seeing as she was so eager to experience this type of suffering, I would be very remiss if I didn’t inflict this torture on her for the remainder of her imprisonment.” The torturer said as she picked up the improvised nipple clamps, and I realised that there was going to be no respite from my torment if those pins were going to remain attached to my body.

My request was stupid, as I discovered just how much they hurt when I was suspended upside down. That was only for a short time, but they will be a constant torture to my body from now on.

As my captor approached me with the pins, I ended up trying to hop backwards but I almost ended up falling down, which meant that I had to stand there as she halted in front of me. “You must hate these with a passion if you attempted such a risky manoeuvre, just so that you could create a slight delay in having them applied to your body. However, I can make sure that you stay where you are.” Mistress Zana said as she gripped my chest chain with her left hand while holding one of the pins in her right, and the grip of the peg was open as it was placed around my left nipple.

Shit! Oh shit, that was even worse than before, but I was terrified from hanging upside down at the time. OH FUCK! Fuckfuckfuck!

When I applied these pins to my stepmother on the Friday night, I thought that I would have been far more resistant to their effects if they were used on me, but the screams through my gagged mouth were an audible indication to my captor that I was suffering just as much.

Please don’t twist them, please don’t twis- FUUUUUCK!

“You must have thought that you were so tough when you made your boastful demand, but here you are, screaming like any other captive who has had to suffer nipple torture. Now, hop to the kitchen as you need to warm up before I turn up the heat.”

How can you turn up the heat on this? It already hurts so much, and you will pull on the cord if I don’t do as you ask.

Any hope that I had of being able to do this without any suffering disappeared after my first hop, when the pins moved on their own accord and caused me to squeal through my gag at the pain. After another three hops, the desire to halt for a few seconds held me in place, but I cried out as the twine was pulled by my captor who lost no time in showing me the punishment for tardiness. After making two more stops, which were a bad idea as I was made to regret it when my Mistress pulled on the string connecting the clothespins, I managed to make it into the kitchen.

“Turn around and head for the living room.” The woman said with a smile “You should have the full hopping experience covered then.”

Turning around was even more painful as there was the twisting effect on the pins as well as the vertical movement, but I didn’t want the added torment of the twine being pulled which would have made it worse. As I travelled back to the living room, Mistress Zana went ahead of me but she returned after less than a minute in order to check on my progress, and make sure that I didn’t take a breather.

“You can take your time if you want, but you should know what I’ll do by now. Once you are in the middle of the living room, I won’t make you jump around for a while.”

That was enough of an incentive to encourage me to keep moving, although every hop was an act of self-torture as the pegs flicked my crushed nipples when I moved. After another minute had passed, I was at the door of the living room and I noticed that the hook was about chest height, which gave me cause to worry about the next stage of my correction. Refusing to move towards the hook would earn me another jerk on the twine, which I wanted to avoid, so I moved over so that the hook was right in front of me.

“I knew that you would be prompt if you were given the right reason to hurry. Now let’s hook you up.” She said as she took hold of my chest chains with her left hand while pushing down the latch on the hook with her right, and I was relieved as this shouldn’t be too bad. The chain was lifted away from my body with the hook being taken towards it, and I was thinking that this was going to be a little uncomfortable when I would be lifted up by my chest.


The hook was connected to the twine that held the clothes pegs together, and I realised that the whole process had been a ruse to lull me into a false sense of security. You’re going to lift me up by my nipples.

“Did you really think that it was going to be easy for you?” Mistress Zana said as the rope on the block and tackle was pulled, and I watched in horror as the hook was raised up, which meant that I would be subjected to my new torture in less than a minute.

The hook reached a point which caused the string to become taut, and I ended up screeching as my nipples were stretched by the clothes pegs which had been lifted up. The only way I could relieve the torment to my chest was to stand in the balls of my feet, which served to amuse the woman who was torturing me.

“I wonder how long you will be able to stay like that before your legs weaken.” My captor said as she sat on the settee. “The desperation on your face is such a wonderful sight, and it is providing me with an enjoyable view.”

It was hard to maintain my balance as I stood there, and my little movements to keep in place caused the pegs to torment my nipples which forced me to yelp as I struggled in my helplessness. After some minutes had gone by, I could feel the strain building in my leg muscles which forced me to lower my body, but I cried out as my nipples ended up being stretched again. This situation could only be endured for so long before I had to lift myself up on my feet, and the pain in my calf muscles increased at a faster rate than before. This double torture continued with me having to choose between my legs and my nipples having to suffer which reminded me of the torment that I had put my stepmother through on the Friday night.

Although I tried to stay up on my feet, in the end this proved to be impossible, and I emitted scream after scream as I almost hung from my nipples in front of my Mistress, who seemed to wait forever before coming over and lowering the hook so that the pain in my nipples could diminish to a strong ache.

“I think that you should be placed in a different position for a while, so that your legs can be given some time to recover.” She said as the hook was unlatched from the twine before it was lowered to around waist height.

The chains that bound my arms to my body were removed, with the one around my waist being unwound before my chest chain was unlocked, but when this chain was loosened, the links brushed against the clothes pegs which caused me to yell out in pain. One end of my chest chain was locked to the D-ring on my collar, and the other end was taken around my ankle bonds before it was looped back through the ring. As the chain was pulled I was forced to bend over to the point where my body was parallel to the ground and my position was at the least precarious when the chain was locked into pace by another padlock.

My worries about falling over came to an end as the hook was latched to the chain around my wrists, and my hands were hoisted into the air until they were high above my back. There was a new predicament to deal with as my shoulder joints were stretched to their limit, and each little sway of my body caused me to bite on my gag, so that I could avoid crying out at my new punishment.

At least my nipples aren’t being tormented anymore, so this isn’t too bad.

As soon as I thought about this, I wondered if I was jinxed as my evil captor opened up one of the bags and took out two padlocks before walking up to me. No, pleas- NO! NO! Each padlock was secured around the twine before they were lifted up and dropped so that my nipples would be pulled and tormented in the process, which caused my body to jerk in response as my shoulders were pained.

“I think that it’s time we whipped you into shape.” Mistress Zana reached into another bag and took out four thin bamboo canes that had been bound together at one end. “This is such a useful piece of equipment, as it has the impact value of a large cane, yet it has the flexibility of narrow strips. It’s going to be interesting to see your reaction from this.”

Seeing her stand to my left with this whip while she faced me caused me to struggle in my bonds, even though my nipples and shoulders suffered as a result, but it was all to no avail as I received the fist stroke against the cheeks of my bottom. This was worse than anything I had experienced before at the hands of my Mistress, and I guessed that she had even more horrible things prepared for me. There were five more blows to my unprotected posterior, and I screamed out at each one as I bit down hard on my gag in a reflex action. There were secondary tortures from my caning, as I jerked in my bonds whenever the whip hit me which caused my shoulders to suffer, and the padlocks on the end of the twine that was attached to the clothes pegs shifted as well, adding pain to my nipples.

It was my calves that were beaten next, as a half-dozen blows landed against the muscles, before my captor concentrated on my lower thighs which made me feel as if my legs were going to give way. Another six hit my upper thighs, and this felt almost as bad as when my bottom was hit, but it was the knowledge that my posterior would be hit soon that scared me with the cycle starting all over again.

“You are a useless whore, and you deserve to be punished forever for the crimes that you committed against your mother.”

There was a surprising effect of the punishment as it was being inflicted on me, because I was starting to feel anger about the way I was being treated, and I had never experienced this before during a situation like this.

“I can’t even see why your stepmother bothered with you at all, as you are a complete waste of time. But then again, she was incompetent as she is responsible for the way that you turned out.”

How dare you speak about my stepmother like that! She is worth ten of you, and she- and she-, what is wrong with me, why can’t a say certain things?

The fury inside me grew as Mistress Zana made her derogatory comments, especially when they were directed against my stepmother, and even though my whipping was still going on with the pain in my legs and bottom increasing, the punishment wasn’t subduing my feelings.

“I should stop hitting you as you are such a pathetic creature.” Mistress Zana said as the whip was put back in the bag. “I think the nipple torture with you was far more effective, and it was on a par with the one that you did to your stepmother on Friday night. Her complete failure in bringing you up correctly means that she deserved everything that happened to her, and I can understand why you did it to her as you must absolutely hate your stepmother.”

I was so enraged by this comment that I screamed out at my Mistress, who seemed to be taken aback by my expression of hate. I don’t hate my stepmother! I l-, I l-, I can’t even say it to myself, but I don’t hate her though!

“My, it seems that the slut has become a little outspoken and rebellious in her attitude. This is a most unexpected turn of events and requires some extra special treatment. I think that you are going to suffer far worse and I’ll get you to confess the truth about your crimes. This means that your gag will be removed, and you won’t even have the benefit of it to bite down on when you are in agony. It’s time for the pain giver.”

I looked on as my torturer walked over to a box, and I became terrified when she opened it up and took something out...

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