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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 5

“They say that ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’ and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I feel that adding a side dish of humiliation and inviting the world to join in with the meal, makes it taste far more delicious. When the ropes binding your wrists together were tied to your ankles, there were quite a few people who said how much they enjoyed you having no other choice but to remain bent over so that you showed off your panties.”

You must be doing this as a trick to embarrass me. After all, mum has got you to kidnap me for my birthday and she would never tolerate you putting me on public display in a humiliating manner. This is just a trick to make me feel some discomfort. Even though Cassidy believed that the comments of Madam Sǐwáng were false and just a part of the game, it didn’t stop her cheeks from going red at the thought of other people seeing her in her present predicament.

“I do seem that I have provoked a reaction from my maid in bondage, even if her eyes indicate that she doesn’t think that I am telling the truth. That is surprising from you, Cassandra, as you know there would be no point in me lying about something like this. Oh, let me guess, you are still pretending to be this ‘Cassidy Bryce’ so as to try and make me feel that I have the wrong person. You can continue to play your little game where you are ignorant of me if you want, but I know who you are so it doesn’t make any difference to me. You will still go through the torments that I have devised for you, and nothing is going to stop that.”

This is going to stop at midnight I guess, you daren’t let it go on past that. After all, if I end up disappearing  for too long, people will start asking questions. No, you are going to threaten me for a while, even to the point of preparing me for bed, then it will be called off.

“Bring two long coils of rope over here, my malevolent maidens. It is time that we put this idea to work.” Once the two collaborators had picked up the rope and walked over to Madam Sǐwáng, she held up the tablet to them so that they could look at the display and malicious smiles grew on their faces as they read the instructions. “Do you know what to do?”

“Yes, Madam Sǐwáng.” The assistants said in unison, which ended up causing a shiver to run down the spine of the captive as she knelt on the floor in a state of complete helplessness. As the two ladies approached Cassidy, she struggled in her bonds but the only visible cues were her hands moving about in circles as they tried to reach the knots that held her in place.

This is so rigid that my struggling is more like wriggling as I kneel here, but even these small movements make the aches in my bones and joints increase in intensity. I don’t know what is going to happen to me, but one thing is sure and that is my situation will become even more unpleasant. There was nothing else the captive could do except to look up as her tormentors approached, seeing as her gag was bound to the pole and the two ladies set to work tying the ropes to the immobilised woman. Several feet of trailing rope was left when the first assistant knotted one end of the cord to the part of the elbow pole that stuck out from her right side before the rope was taken behind her back with it tied to the other end of the pole. The ends of the rope were taken in front of the bound woman and the trailing end was tied in a non-slip knot to the rest of the rope so that it made a triangle with Cassidy’s body, although many feet of the rope was still loose. While this was happening, the other person bound the second rope to the pole behind the prisoner’s knees in the same manner, so that a rope triangle was made with a large amount of rope leading off from the apex. After the two ropes were added, the cord that attached the captive’s wrists to her knees were untied, which suggested that she was going to end up in a different position.

That seems to an awful waste of time as these ropes don’t seem to be doing anything to me. The ends of the ropes must have some relevance to what has been planned and you have picked them up so there must be more to this than just binding them to me. It was impossible for the defenceless woman to see what was going on behind her because she was unable to turn her head around, but she watched as the second assistant walked over to the closest pillar with the end of the rope that was attached to the knee poles. So you’re going to tie my knees to the pillar, which make no sense whatsoever as I cannot move an inch anyway. No, you can’t! NO!

The bound maid squirmed in her bonds and shouted through her gag as the accomplice moved a set of kitchen steps and used them so that she could reach the upper ring. After the rope was taken through the ring, the lady took the end down so that it was taken through the lower ring. The other assistant must be doing the same with the rope bound to my elbow pole, and I don’t like what is happening one little bit. The cords became taught as the women pulled on the ends of the ropes, and a feeling of dread grew inside the powerless woman as the realisation of her new predicament dawned on her.

No, you can’t do this to me! A scream escaped the gagged mouth of the captive as her position shifted, and her knees left the ground before her feet with her suspended above the ground before she was pulled about three feet into the air. You’ve hung me by my elbows and knees, you monsters, but why have you only taken me up to this height? You could have lifted me up until I would have been at the upper rings. This is horrible though, and I am stretched out with the strain increasing on my limbs.

The ends of the ropes were tied off to the lower rings as Madam Sǐwáng approached the tormented Cassidy and the bound maid trembled as her cheek was stroked by her captor. “You look so delightful and helpless, my captive Cassandra. I am so glad that I didn’t kill you immediately as this has been a wonderful day, and I hope that this will be the first of many to come.” She said before turning around and placing her posterior on the abdomen of the suspended woman.

Oh my God, you’re sitting on me! I’ve been become a hammock, a human hammock! You’ve not only humiliated me, but I’ve been dehumanised by being transformed into a piece of furniture!

“Thank you ladies, this is very comfortable. It was very kind of the person to send us this idea, and I hope that we end up with some more contributions before the next few days are over. If you two could each pull up a chair, we should discuss what is going to happen and whether we should make any alterations.”

Each of the two collaborators walked over to behind the curtains, picking up a basic wooden chair and dragged it over to in front of Madam Sǐwáng before sitting down so that they faced her.  “This is what we shall do.” The captor said, and everything afterward was intelligible to the helpless maid as the three women started to speak in Mandarin, with only the disturbing laughter letting the captive know that it was unpleasant.

Why are they speaking in a language that I cannot understand? After all, they are bound to stop this sometime tonight, so that providing a graphic description in English of what they are planning would have been far more effective if they wanted to scare me. As this thought ran through the mind of the lady, another one developed and this made her fearful of what was to come. OMG, what if Laura was looking for a group to provide a kidnapping adventure for my birthday and these three offered their services? These three may be unbalanced and ended up creating a scenario in their heads so that in their eyes, I’m actually this ‘Cassandra’. The orphanage and my medical condition are major secrets, so they must have got this information from my mother, as this trio couldn’t have got it from anywhere else. They could do anything they want with me though, as I can’t go to the police once I’m freed as mum would be complicit in the kidnapping. Wait, I’m just scaring myself here, and perhaps this is what they want to happen. I need to calm down and remember that they will let me go soon.

This train of thought was derailed when a rumbling sound escaped from Cassidy’s stomach, and the lady was reminded about just how hungry and thirsty she had become during her captivity.

“I hear that Cassandra needs feeding, my girls. Would you like to cook something for me while I prepare my enslaved agent for the meal?” Madam Sǐwáng said, and she stood up while her two attendants nodded in response. “Go and make us a nice meal, and bring in a bottle of water with a straw.” The two ladies exited the warehouse area while the leader walked over to one of the pillars, untying the rope and lifting the captive up by her knees before rebinding the cord. The rope that was attached to the elbows of the helpless lady was adjusted in the same manner which left the prisoner almost five feet in the air, before the cord that bound her gag to the elbow pole was removed.

At least my neck isn’t strained anymore, and I am able to move my head around. What are you doing now? No! Cassidy felt the hands of her captor against her bottom for a moment as pressure pushed the lady up so that her body was straight before she was turned over so that she was suspended in a prone position. My hips feel like they are going to be torn apart now that I am stuck like this, this is much worse than lying on my back.

“Now listen, slave. Your gag is going to be removed so that you will be able to eat and drink, as I would never be so low as to deprive someone in this manner. Be warned that if you speak, your meal will be over and you will have to face the consequences of your decision. Do you understand?”

Why don’t you just free me and bring an end to this? It would be much easier, but maybe you want to ensure that I have the experience of being fed as a captive. There was a nod from Cassidy as she had no intention of going hungry or thirsty, and she didn’t want to put this claim to the test. After a little while, the two companions returned with a large bowl of cooked oriental food along with a bottle of water with a straw sticking out of the top, and Madam Sǐwáng unbuckled the straps of the gag before pulling it away from the powerless Cassidy.

The leader was handed the bowl along with a pair of chopsticks and she stood in front of her prisoner, before picking up a morsel with the implements and holding it up to Cassidy’s face. “Eat.” The bound maid lowered her head and gripped the piece of food between her teeth before she moved it into her mouth, so that it could be chewed and swallowed. The bottle was placed before her by one of the assistants and the lady held the end of the straw between her lips, so that she was able to take a sip of the water. This went on until all of the food in the bowl was eaten with Madam Sǐwáng taking her share, and the empty bowl was handed back to one of the assistants.

“Put these back and get the new items, ladies.” The woman said as she picked up the bamboo gag while the two girls walked out of the area. “Open wide, slave.” Knowing that disobedience would put her in an even worse situation, Cassidy decided to open her mouth so that the tube could be placed between her teeth. The buckles were again taken around to the back of her neck and buckled together, and she lifted her head up to see that one of the ladies was carrying what appeared to be a dish shaped barbeque grill with three legs, while the second held a large plastic bag in her hand.

“Put that over here, my girls. I think that we should have a little campfire before bedtime.” Madam Sǐwáng pointed to a spot four feet to the left of the suspended woman and the assistant put the grill down at that point, with the other putting the bag beside it. A small amount of liquid was poured into the dish, a match was lit, and this was tossed into the dish with a whoosh sound being made as the fuel ignited.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to set fire to you, I want to keep you in one piece. It’s just that I want to do a little extra cooking before bedtime. Let’s start to add the ingredients.”

Cassidy’s watched what the girl did as the black bag was opened, but her eyes opened to their widest extent as she saw the first item that was pulled out of the bag. That’s my dress! That’s the dress that Laura gave to me as a present for last year and I was wearing it this morning. NO! More screams were emitted by the shocked woman as the girl lifted up the dress and dropped it into the flames that rose and danced in the dish. That was an expensive item of clothing. What do you lot think that you are doing? My Shoes! The poor lady was shocked by the scene in front of her as her stiletto heels ended up in the fire, and this was followed by the remainder of her clothing that she had put in the bag. This can’t be happening, it just can’t, you’ve just burnt all of my clothes.

“Surely you are not surprised as what I have done, Cassandra? After all, you will no longer need these as your will be wearing what I decide from now on.”

Mum is going to be furious at me for ruining her presents.

“I think that it has been a long day for my slave, and she will need to have some rest before she continues with her duties in the morning. Slave Cassandra, you will get changed for bed  and have a bathroom break once we lower you down and untie you. If there is any trouble from you, you will go to bed without wearing any clothes, and I will remind you that the world is watching so that they will see you bound and naked.”

Knockoffs! Oh that is such a relief, you really had me fooled for a minute by making me think that these knockoffs were my clothing. I ended up falling for it as well, but I managed to work out what trick you were playing on me.

The prisoner rested as best she could as she was lowered to the ground by the accomplices of her captor, and the rope that bound her thighs to her ankles was removed along with the two cords that had suspended her, before she was helped to her feet so that she could hop over to the changing room…

(To Be Continued.)

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