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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 11

Even though the helpless woman felt the very slow rise of the water which caused her heart to beat faster, her mind and body was still concentrated on the teasing acts that her captor were performing on the most sensitive points of her body. The tips of Kendra’s fingers again ran over the mound’s of the captive’s breasts, and she sighed as the erotic caress fanned the flames that resided between her legs. That feels good, but why don’t you just caress my feet along with my heart of lust so that my sexual torment can be brought to an end. I think that you want my denial to be as long as possible, possibly because you aim for most of my body to be covered in water so that it adds to the experience.

“You are so sexy like this, squirming around in your bondage with your body covered in gel.” Kendra said, tracing a slow, circular path around her prisoner’s areola before flicking the tips of her erect nipples. “I think that I need to add a little more to this area, as I don’t want to massage everything away.” There was a pause of a few seconds before the bound lady felt more cool gel being applied to her breasts, with the liquid being massaged over this area by her captor.

I’m going to get even more slippery at this rate. Are you going to put more all over my body? A yelp escaped from her gagged mouth as her nipples were held between the fingers and thumbs of her captor and she didn’t know whether to cry out or moan as her flesh was pulled and twisted in a playful manner. Please get back to my important areas, it feels as if I’m burning between my legs.

A hand took hold of the ropes on her chest so that she could be pulled into a sitting position and she felt a large amount of gel being rubbed all over her back and arms, which caused her to move a little from side to side a little once she was on her back again. You seem determined to cover me in as much gel as you can, but you did say that you liked me covered in it. If you put much more on me, I’ll end up making an eel seem rough by comparison. It was the front of her body that was lubricated next, with every area covered with more of the soapy material except for the heart shaped area of her mound which ached to be touched.

“I don’t want you going over the edge until the situation is ready, and we have not reached that point yet.” Kendra said as she massaged the legs of the nude in bondage, rubbing some more of the gel over the skin of her prisoner. “I will determine when your release is, and not you as you are my slave.”

What is going to have to happen before I will be allowed to- nononono, stopstopstop! Petra threw her head back and screamed as she experienced the slow raking of fingernails over the soles of her, and she twisted and turned with her frogtied legs flailing around in a useless attempt to move her feet out of the way of her captor’s hands. Pleasepleaseplease! The tickling continued until the prisoner was laughing so much that she found herself unable to breathe and she grew dizzy from lack of air.

“I think I had better give you a little rest for a minute.” Kendra said as she halted her assault on Petra’s feet. “I wonder where I shall touch you next, though. Perhaps some more attention needs to be paid to those nipples of yours, or maybe a little massage of your abdomen. I could even run some more shampoo through your hair in a gentle caress which you would enjoy. Maybe I could even-.”

OOOOOO! Oh My God! The helpless lady threw her head back as she emitted a long, loud scream when her captor gave the lips of her desire the most gentle of caresses for a moment. That was almost too much to bare, what have you done to me?

“It seems that my poor prisoner has become very sensitive between her legs, which is not surprising as her flesh is so engorged with blood that is looks as if it is forcing its way out of her body. I will have to do something about your screams as they do seem to be getting louder.” There was the familiar sound of the unrolling of tape before a tearing sound indicated to the prisoner that a strip of tape was about to be applied to her face.

That piece of tape was wide as it goes from my chin to just under my nose, and it goes from ear to ear so I’m not going to be able to scream out of my mouth anymore as my lips are sealed in a literal sense.

“That white tape over your ball-gag makes you look very cute, and you will be much quieter when I have fun with your body.” Kendra ran the tips of her fingers once over the exposed flesh of her prisoners flower, and the bound lady shrieked through her nose as she experienced the overwhelming sensation which went through her hips like an electric shock.

I am aching down there for you, but I have become so sensitive that even the slightest touch is driving me wild, and now the water is starting to lap against these lips between my legs. Is that the sound of the tap being turn open even more? Just how high is the water going to go? Petra’s moaning became almost constant as the rising water had an additional effect on her lust, and her worry about the water caused her heart to beat faster. She started to laugh and giggle as her feet were tickled by her captor who seemed to be taking great delight in the continuing torment of the woman in bondage. Nonononono!

By the time the tickling of the defenceless lady had stopped, and she managed to collect her thoughts as she took deep breaths, the captive noticed that the water had risen up her abdomen to almost under her breasts. How big is this bath, and just how much water can it hold? If you leave the taps running, I could end up completely submerged before long. Her breathing quickened along with the racing of her heart and there was a rush of adrenaline as the water rose to appoint where it was felt against the bottom of her breasts. I did say that I would give you absolute trust, but it’s hard to do when my body is still being covered with water. When are you going to turn the taps off?

“Now, I can see that have noticed the water reaching up to your nipples. Don’t worry, I won’t let you get hurt, but I think that you need something to take your mind off what is happening.” Kendra said, giving the submerged flower of the captive a little stroke which had the effect of causing the tormented woman to issue a nasal scream as she had to endure a pleasure which was almost a torture. More of the caresses followed and everything else was driven out of her mind as she attention was concentrated on the most enflamed part of her body.

When this ended and the lady in bondage became aware again, the sound of running water had stopped but she was shocked to discover that the water was up to her chin. OMG Kendra, what have you done? I’m almost covered with water. The gel-covered prisoner started to squirm in her predicament, which was a mistake owing to the fact that her body no longer had any frictional resistance to hold her up on the sloping back of the bath. Oh shit! OHSHITSHITSHIT! She managed to take a single deep breath before she slid forward in the bath and as she was no longer kept up by the back, her head slipped beneath the surface of the water.

Kendra, Help me! As the helpless woman thrashed around in the water, she knew that the surface was only a few inches away, but she also knew that in her current state of bondage that she might as well be at the bottom of a swimming pool. Moments later, there was the was the touch of a hand on her chest ropes and her body was pulled out of the out of the water, with her taking deep breaths as her heart was pounding in her chest. Even though the nude captive was scared by what had happened, there was also a feeling of exhilaration, which was due to the adrenaline rush that was going through her restrained body. OMG, that was scary but incredible at the same time, and the feeling between my legs is even stronger.

“I can see that the dunking has had an effect on you, as it shows on your face. Take a few deep breaths and I’ll release you. Don’t worry about being under the water, as soon as you expel any air, I’ll bring you back up.” Once the prisoner had taken a few breaths, the hold by her captor was released that that she went under the water’s surface with her struggling again and she remained there until she could no longer hold her breath and she was pulled up so that her head was above the water.

This is affecting me even more. If you do much more of this, I may not even need you to touch me.

“I’m going to lift you up in the water and turn you around for the next part of your adventure. While I am doing this, keep taking as many deep breaths as possible, just in case I slip with my hands at any time.” Kendra said, and Petra found herself being turned around in the bath so that she was facing the rear rather than the front and she was pushed against the slope with her face above the waterline.

Even my nipples are providing me with more stimulation as I lie on my front, and they will rub against the surface when I am pulled under the water again. I don’t know when you are going to do this to me again, so I had better keep breathing. As the damsel waited for her next plunge, she took as many deep breaths as possible, even though she felt a little dizzy, but she felt Kendra take hold of the ropes between her should blades before she was pulled back so that she was submerged again. Her instinct caused her to struggle against her bonds as soon as she was under the surface of the water but the lady thought that she was holding her breath well until a single caress of her most intimate place caused her to expel all of the air in her lungs in an underwater scream.

“Poor Petra, I can make you stop at any time by doing that.” The captor said once she had pulled the powerless woman out of the water. “All I have to do is touch you anywhere and you will lose all of your air. Now breathe a little more before you go back in.”

That was even more intense when I was underwater, but how am I going to be able to do this without drowning. It seems that I can hold my breath for a while, but I will scream out if you touch me. Here we go again. Just after the captive was pushed under the water, she started struggling again but there was no caress from her tormentor, so she managed to stay underwater as long as possible before having to force the air out of her lungs, and she took in a deep breath as soon as her had was above the surface again. Oh my, I want to have my orgasm in the water, but I know that it can’t happen unless I end up filling my lungs with water. OOOOOH! Another caress of her fiery lips caused the prisoner to scream out as the sensation shot through her body.

“Well, I can’t touch you underwater, as you can’t hold your air in your lungs so maybe we shouldn’t go any further with the experiment. I’ll halt it right now.”

No! I can’t be left like this as my body is on fire! You need to find a way of making me unable to breathe while I am under water. There was a frantic shaking of the captive’s head as she wanted Kendra to keep going and find a way to allow her to be taken over the edge while she was immersed when she realised that she had already known how it could be done. All I have to do is have enough air for you to pleasure me, and to ensure that I can’t breathe no matter what happens.

“You want me to continue? But how can that be possible as you won’t be able to keep the air inside you? The moment I touch you on the soles on the feet or between your legs, you will exhale it all.”

How can I make you understand what I am thinking about? I can’t just tell you how to do it because of the gag that I am wearing, but perhaps I can act it out. Petra turned her head to the right so that her captor could see part of the face and she forced air in and out through her nose with such force that the actions were audible. After she did this for a few seconds, the bound nude made a choking sound as if her air supply had been cut off, and she started to struggle as I something had happened to her.

“Do you want me to make sure that you won’t be able to breathe at all?” Kendra said and there was a nod from the prisoner before she repeated the display in front of the woman who controlled her. “But how can I do that? Wait a moment, you told me about what happened in the garden when your nose was sealed off, when the strange woman tormented you. Are you saying that you want me to tape your nose up as well?”

That’s it, you can do what you want and I’ll be perfectly safe. That is if you remember to remove the tape once I have reached my peak. Several nods from the prisoner would let her captor know that this is what she wanted to happen, and that she would be safe while she was underwater.

“Okay, I’ll do it but you will have a maximum time underwater. Once you reach this, I will lift you up, and it doesn’t matter how close you are. I am setting the timer on my smart phone for one minute, and that is the limit. Keep taking deep breaths until you are ready, then nod and I will place the tape over your nose before taking you under the water.”

Petra inhaled and exhaled as much and as fast as she could, and she heard the sound of more tape being taken off a roll which let her know that her Mistress was ready. Here we go, I hope that I am doing the right thing. Once the lady felt that she was ready to be submerged she nodded her head, and she could feel the tape as it was pressed over her nose and against her nostrils, so that she was sealed against any kind of breathing. A moment later there was a beep, just before she was pulled away from the back of the bathtub and her body was immersed in the bathwater with her starting her struggles again. A second later, she did her best to scream as fingernails began to dig deep into the soles of her feet, but the tape remain secure over her nose so that no air was lost. A few moments later, her underwater wriggling became even more intense as the lips of her lust were subjected to a fierce caress, and the agony and ecstasy of her situation along with her immersion was more than enough to take her to that special moment.

Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, OH FUCK FUCKKKKKKK! She lost any sense of what was happening to her except for the bliss of her orgasm as she convulsed in the bath, and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her very being…

Her first moment of awareness after the experience was her lying on her side against the body of her captor, and the tape was no longer covering her nose. That was quite an adventure, but it was a little scary as well, although I think that it added to the experience.

“You just rest on me for a few minutes, Petra. It seems that you had quite an experience under the water. I think that you need a rest after your ordeals, so I’ll get you dried so that you can sleep for a while.”

After the adventures in the bathroom and the garden, I think that this would be nice…

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