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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 3

“I think that we should stop for a while.” Kendra said “After all, our captive hasn’t had a chance have a proper rest since we kidnapped her this evening.”

“It’s been quite an intense experience for these past few hours and we all need a little breather, auntie. I hope that Petra is as enjoying it as much as we are.”

The helpless woman was attempting to recover from her hour long ordeal at the hands of her captors, but Diana’s comment seemed to be at odds to what has happened since they have left the public house.

How can I be enjoying this, after what you have done to me? Your comment was sincere though, and why should you be concerned about how I am feeling? I need to take a few moments to think about this as something is not right. As soon as she had enough air in her lungs and managed to gather her thoughts, the first thing that popped into her mind was: No one gets kidnapped so that they can be subjected to tickle torture. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

At this point, Petra’s mental state change from terror to anger as she realised that any genuine torturer would not waste their time with such a trivial action, and she shouted at her captors as her wrists tugged against the cuffs that restrained her to the bed.

It seemed that her actions and the tone of her cries were enough for her captors to realise that she was confused about her situation, as Kendra said: “Diana, it sounds as if Petra has no idea what is happening to her, and she isn’t happy about it. You told me that she would have known what was going on.”

“She must do, as I clearly remember her telling me about it when the film came out where the posh British girl gets kidnapped, and when Petra loaned me the DVD, she said “I wish I was kidnapped like that, but instead of being held to ransom, my two kidnappers teased, played with me and tickled me before letting me go.” Petra, you must remember telling me, because I mentioned that Kendra and I might make it happen someday.”

That film with the young lady, yes I remember now, she’s kidnapped and then she gets tied and handcuffed to a bed before she gets stripped naked. It was a favourite kidnap fantasy of mine at the time and I think that I had mentioned it to... Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!

There were a long list of words that came out of the captive’s gagged mouth after this, and it was a good thing that the ball muffled them so that they weren’t clear.

“Diana, I think that Petra had forgotten all about her little fantasy. Perhaps we should remove her gag so that we can talk to her.”

“Yes auntie. I’m so sorry, Petra, I thought that you would have remembered all of this.” Diana said as she unbuckled the gag and extracted the ball out of the mouth of the helpless captive.”How are you feeling?”

“How am I feeling? I have never been so terrified in my life!” Petra said once her mouth was free of the gag “Now I know what it feels like to be bound, gagged, stuck in the back of a van and kidnapped for real. Believe me, it is okay as a fantasy, but in reality I only wanted to get free as I thought that you two were going to torture and kill me. It’s such a relief to find out that you two aren’t planning on doing anything nasty to me.”

“Petra.” Kendra said “We would never want to harm you, as you have been our only decent friend in the office. In fact, we wanted to do this in thanks for your being so kind to us, and this weekend is our last chance to do this.”

“Why did you say that this is the last weekend?” Petra said “Surely there would have been other weekends?”

“We are moving away on Tuesday, and we may not see you for some time.” Kendra said “That’s why this is our last chance.”

Well, at least I know that I am safe, and this is little more than a prank and a game. I don’t want to get you two into trouble, even though you have given me a massive scare, so calling the police would not be fair on any of us.  It was a great relief for Petra to know that no harm was going to come to her, and as her fear and tension vanished she started to laugh as she lay there naked on the bed. “This has turned out more like the kidnap film with the Scottish guy now.” She said.

“Auntie, we have been so unfair to Petra by doing this. I think that we should free her, as she wasn’t expecting this to happen.” There was the sound of metal against metal on Petra’s right side which seemed to suggest that Diana was trying to put the key in the handcuff lock.

Are you joking, Diana? If I had kidnapped somebody without their knowledge, even as a game, I would want to make sure that they wouldn’t go to the police. Anyway, I’m here now and if you two are to fulfil my fantasy, then maybe it should continue as it will be far better than me spending the usual long weekend on my own. “Yes, Diana and then you can take my mobile phone out of my handbag so that I can call the police.”

“Why would you want to do that, Petra? We’re your friends and you know that we would never want to hurt you.” Diana said, but she stopped trying to unlock the cuffs.

Good girl, now I have to get Kendra to continue the game. “Once I am free, your fiendish aunt will be seen as the one in charge after what has happened. She will spend a long time in jail when I testify against her, and there’s nothing you two can do to persuade me otherwise.”

“Diana, I’m afraid that we cannot afford to release Petra, as she is a danger to both of us.” Kendra said in a tone of voice which indicated that she understood the cues from her captive. “We will have to keep her prisoner for the entire weekend so that we can use our torments to make her more compliant. Put the gag back in her mouth.”

“You fiends! You can’t be planning to keep me prison-ulp!” Petra’s speech of mock anger was interrupted when the ball was forced between her teeth, and the straps were buckled together at the back of her neck so that she would be unable to speak.

Well, at least I know what is going on now, and I have chosen to surrender to you.

“I think that another half hour’s worth of tickle torture may help to make our captive a little more controllable, so let’s get started.” Kendra said, and Petra screamed out as the soles of her feet were assailed by the fingers of her captors...

“Diana, we need to stop now as it is getting late, and I think that a little time out is in order.” Kendra said as she stopped the torment of her captive. “Petra, are you feeling a little peckish?” There was a nod from the captive in response. “Diana, could you go to the kitchen and heat up one of the instant noodle packs?”

“Yes, auntie.” The niece said and there were soft footsteps as she left the room.

“Sorry about the meagre offerings, Petra.” Kendra said as she removed the gag from the mouth of the captive. “We don’t have much in the house for obvious regions.”

“That’s okay, Kendra. Is it okay for me to visit the toilet, as it might be a good idea if you plan to keep me restrained to the bed for the night? I think that I could cope so long as my hands are cuffed together in front of me. Once I am inside, you can cuff my ankles together which ensures my captivity.”

“Okay, that’s how we’ll do it for your toilet breaks from now on, but you will have to be gagged.” Kendra said. “Open wide.”

After the captive opened her mouth, the gag was inserted and buckled into place before her left wrist cuff was disconnected from the bed so that her left hand could be taken across to her right hand. The cuff was locked around her right wrist and the other set of handcuffs were removed from her right hand before the ropes were untied from her legs.

“I’ll guide you to the toilet, and I’ll know that you have finished when you flush.” There was a tug on the captive’s handcuffs and she followed the aunt out of the room so that she could be taken to the toilet where she was helped to sit down. Her ankles were secured with the other handcuffs, and the door was closed so that she could take her break with an assurance of privacy. Once the toilet was flushed, the door was opened and her ankles were freed so that she could be taken back to her bedroom, where she was handcuffed to the bed with her legs tied together at the ankles and knees before she was placed into a sitting position at the top of the bed.

“It’s ready, auntie, and I allowed it to cool down a little so that it would be safe to eat.” Diana said as she walked into the room, while her aunt removed the gag from Petra’s mouth. “Shall I feed our bondage slave now?”

“Go ahead, but I will want to talk with her while she is fed.”

Diana sat astride the nude captive’s legs and feed her the meal, one fork at a time while Kendra spoke.

“If things go too far, or too painful, or you need a time out so your special-word is ‘Red’. Should you be unable to speak, three quick grunts will grab our attention and we will stop what we are doing. Do you understand, Petra?”

“Yes, Kendra, that is my ‘get out of jail free card’ so to speak. What is going to happen to me once this is all over?”

“We cannot tell you what is going to happen for the final, but there is a reason for the actions that we are going to take and we need you to trust us on this as it will be to your benefit.”

“I don’t have choice anyway, but not knowing what is going to happen is a little scary.”

“So Petra, how much pain can you tolerate?”

“Very little, perhaps a light spanking or my nipples being pinched, but that’s about it.”

“I’ll be careful with any positions that you will be put in and what happens to you. There might be times when you are left alone for a while, so is there a position that you would like to be left in when you want to rest?”

“I think that being spread eagled on the bed is best, as I think that I can be comfortable in this position for long periods of time. You’ll think that this is a silly story, but once I was locked into a set of stocks at a medieval fair, and people who passed by tickled my feet as a punishment. It’s a pity that those things are hard to come by as some of these strict type restraints look like a lot of fun.”

“In this case Petra, you may in for some luck. Just down the road is a warehouse that stocks certain items and the owner has said that he was willing to lend them to me. I’ll contact him first thing in the morning and see if I can pick a few things up.”

One more forkful was fed to the helpless woman as Diana said “That’s the last of the meal, auntie, but our kidnap victim shouldn’t be hungry until the morning.”

“Well, at least my kidnappers are being decent towards me.” Petra said as she tried to suppress a yawn “Sorry about that, but it has been a very long day and the breaking of the tension has drained all of my energy.”

“That’s okay, Petra.” Diana said as she rose off the bed. “You have been through a lot, and we didn’t intend to scare you. Maybe you need to get some rest so that you will be ready in the morning.”

“Diana, will you gag our nude prisoner?” Kendra said, so the helpless woman opened her mouth in preparation and her mouth was filled by the ball, with the straps being buckled together at the back of her neck.

Hands took hold of Petra’s body and she was pulled down the bed so that she was lying down with her arms stretched out, before the ropes were untied from her legs which were pulled towards the corners. The ropes were bound around each ankle and tied to the corner of the bed, so that she would be left in a spread eagle position for the night.

“Are you okay?” Kendra asked, and the nude lady nodded as she lay there on the bed. “Come on, Diana, it’s time for us to allow our prisoner to get some rest.” There was the sound of the light switch and footsteps before the door closed, which meant that Petra was alone until the morning.

This must be one of the strangest days of my life. After having to put up old Slimy all day, I get handcuffed, gagged hooded, taped and kidnapped in the back of a van. Next, I’m carried into an unknown house where I’m handcuffed to a bed and stripped naked by my captors before I find out that it’s all about indulging a fantasy of mine. I really need to get some rest...

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