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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 4

It couldn’t have turned out to be a better sunny Saturday afternoon for Petra, even though she had got lost on the way to the beach and ended up on a private path. However, once she had arrived at the sandy shore, the woman discovered that a private party was going on which she had intruded into, and within a few seconds she was surrounded by a group of woman who took hold of her.

“So, we have a trespasser, girls. Do you think that we should stake her out on the beach as our captive?” The leader said, and the other girls shouted in agreement.

The helpless lady had no choice but to be half-carried down to the beach as one of the women carried her bag, and her beach towel was rolled out before she was made to lie on top of it with her legs and arms stretched out. Four spare tent stakes were hammered into the ground, and lengths of rope were used to bind her wrists and ankles so that she was restrained in a spread eagle position.

“Please, I’m sorry. I just took the wron- ulp!” The protests of the lady were cut short when a large ball-gag was forced into her mouth, with the straps taken around to the back of her head and buckled off.

“Be quiet, intruder! Don’t worry, we are going to have fun with you and you will have fun as well. Ladies, strip her.” The women wasted no time in removing the string bikini of the captive and soon the helpless lady was blushing and naked in front of the people who had taken her prisoners.

“Let’s introduce our new guest to our party games.” The captor in charge said and Petra laughed through her gag, as fingernails raked down the soles of her feet as the first part of her entertainment. After a few minutes had passed, the tickles stopped and sweet little kisses were planted on her toes as her legs and arms were caressed by other women. Two more women leaned over her body, and her breasts were kissed and sucked in a playful manner, which was causing the flame of desire to ignite between the top of her legs.

The two ladies at her feet were planting kisses all over her feet, as well as sucking her toes, and the leader knelt between Petra’s legs, kissing the top of the captive’s thighs. The helpless Petra felt herself being taken closer and closer to the moment of release as a tongue ran over her mound of Venus.

Please, just a little more!

Perhaps it was the sound of Petra’s moaning, or maybe it was her movement but a second later, the dream vanished and the lady was in that state of half-wakefulness that occurred to her in moments like this. Two things were noticeable to the lady at this moment, and one of them was the memories of the dream which persisted in her mind because she had just awoken. The second was the effect of the dream to her body, as the heat of lust that existed between her legs was very strong and very real.

It’s just another erotic dream, and I know how to deal with this problem, as I’ll just caress myself to fulfilment. Oh shit!

Petra was so relaxed in her post dream reverie that she had forgotten about her present situation and tried to reach to reach down to her thighs with her right hand, only to be reminded that her wrists were handcuffed to the top of the bed. As the captive tugged against her bonds, she remembered the events of the previous evening, and she knew that any chance of getting free were limited at best

What am I going to do about my predicament? I can’t sort this out by myself, and I can’t be discovered in this situation by my captors. Perhaps if I’ll wait, then it’ll subside and there will be a chance of getting some rest.

There were attempts by the captive to distract herself by thinking about work and other memories, but each time her mind returned back to the dream that she had experienced. Once this happened, it drew attention to the ache of need at the top of her thighs and remembering the beach only seemed to increase her level of arousal.

This hasn’t helped at all, and it may have ended up adding fuel to the fire. Right now, I seem to be a completely different kind of damsel in distress, and this isn’t how kidnappings are supposed to go. The only other thing that I can try is to attempt to free one of my hands, so that I can do something about this teasing fire.

The cuffs didn’t have a tight grip on Petra’s wrists, so she wondered if there was a chance of slipping her hands free, so long as she was careful and took her time as just trying to pull herself free would be unsuccessful. As she tried to extricate her hands from her bonds, she discovered that without having any means of holding the cuffs steady while twisting her wrist, it was impossible to obtain the right leverage to get free. This didn’t stop her from trying though, and she also worked on trying to pull her feet free from the ropes that bound her to the bottom of the bed.

As Petra writhed on the bed in her attempt to escape from her bonds, the heat in her intimacy increased as a result of her actions and it wasn’t long before she realised that she was making herself even more frustrated.

It seems that I can’t pull one of my hands free, but that is hardly surprising as my captors would have known what they were doing. All I have done is add fuel to the fire between my legs and It is staring to drive me to distraction.

The struggles were halted as the lady tried to relax on the bed, but the ache in her body caused her to writhe on the bed and it seemed that her desire was forcing her body to move against her will. It wasn’t long before the captive was twisting and struggling in her bonds as her feelings caused her to try and get free, although it was futile to try and she was even shouting out through her gag in her frustration as her lust became the only thing that she was aware of.

Please, one of you, get in here! I need you to help me!

“You really have a bad case of BAD this morning, my helpless captive.” Diana said as the captive writhed on the bed, and she froze in place even though her need told her to struggle.

I didn’t even hear you come in so I must have been so preoccupied in my struggles that I didn’t notice you open the door. How long have you been watching me like this, and what is BAD?

The question must have shown on Petra’s face, because Diana laughed in response. “Sorry, that’s an expression that we use for your situation, ‘Bondage Arousal Dream’. I have lost count of the times that my aunt and I have woken up to this condition. Do I take it that you have had a very nice bondage dream?”

There was a nod from the captive as she answered the question, but the helpless lady noticed something else about Diana’s comment. If you lost count, just how many times have you woken up in bondage?

“Let’s see just how full of fire you are.” The lady said as she traced a path with her fingers over Petra’s Mound of Venus, and the helpless woman cried out in her need as her body arched in response to the touch against her body. “Oh, you must be desperate for relief, given your reaction. It is wonderful to see you like this, but should a kidnap victim actually be turned on by her captivity? Seeing you like this does remind me of my fist BAD frustration when I was eighteen and the discovery by my aunt while I was in this condition.”

Your aunt found you this way? That must be as embarrassing as my current helplessness. Wait, that would mean that for you to get relief, she would have to- OMG!

“Oh, don’t look so shocked, and you are jumping to conclusions. Anyway, you look so adorable like this, so maybe I should leave you like this for a few more hours.”

I’m going to be like this for a few more hours? I don’t think that I can last for a few more minutes? Do something about this! There was a snarl emitted from between Petra’s gagged lips as she thrashed about on her bed with her suffering from what almost amounted to orgasm denial.

“An attitude like that is not going to help you at all, seeing that you are our prisoner and are in no position to make demands. If you are going to behave in this manner, then we should leave you like this until the time of your release.”

I can’t stay like this for four days, how do I have to convince you to help me find a release from my torment? Taking an aggressive stance has proved to be useless, so I have no other choice but to go in the opposite direction, and be as submissive as possible.  After the captive had managed to calm herself down as much as she could, her face took on a pleading expression as she begged to her captor for help. Please, please, please help me, I’m in trouble and I need you to help me out of my predicament.

“That’s a much better attitude, prisoner, and it’s good that you are learning your place. Before I provide you with your much needed case of BAD, there are a few things I need to sort out. The first is that you are no longer a kidnap victim, but our bondage slave and that you have to be compliant at all times. Do you agree?”

As if I have any choice in the matter, because you can make me say yes to anything at the moment. Knowing that any other decision would just prolong the torment, the helpless woman nodded her head.

“Please note that in future that we are to be referred to as Mistress Diana and Mistress Kendra when you speak. If you fail to address us properly, then you will be spanked as punishment. Do you agree to this?” Again there was a nod from Petra who was in desperate need of relief from the fire between her legs.

“Let’s just check how bad it is for you right now.” Diana said as she caressed Petra’s nipples with her fingers. “I see that you are at the rock hard stage, so I won’t waste any more time in helping you out.”

The movement on the bed let the captive know that Diana had climbed on and the sound in front of her showed that the woman was between her legs. Are you going to use your tongue on me or will I feel the touch of your fingers on my most sensitive area? Either way, I hope that you start to caress me soon.

“Well, you had better prepare yourself as I am about to start.”

Why should I need to prepare myself? You are only going to- no! Please stop! Until this moment, moans of desire had been emitted past the gag of the helpless lady but these were replaced by peals of laughter as Diana dragged the tips of her fingers over the soles of her captive’s feet. You’re tickling me! How is this going to help me?

As Petra screamed through her gag, her body was arched from the combined effect of the tickling and the feeling in her loins, which had become stronger as a result of the actions of her captor. Whenever the assault on her feet got too much for the bound woman, her captor slowed down so that she could recover a little but the process didn’t stop, which meant that the tickling was continuous and it took her mind off anything else.

I thought you were going to provide me with some relief, but all you are doing is adding another torment to my present suffering.

In fact, Petra’s thoughts were so concentrated on the scratches against her sole that she didn’t notice the effect that it had on her libido, until her intimacy reached its peak.

Oh my God, Oh My God, OHMYGOD!

There was an explosion of pure ecstasy that started between the legs of the captive which engulfed her entire being in moments and she gave a long, loud scream as her body went rigid from her experience. After a few seconds had passed, the captive collapsed on the bed, with her body jerking and twitching as she lay there oblivious to anything else...

“Are you okay?” Diana’s voice intruded on Petra’s reverie as she lay there on the bed, resting after experiencing such an incredible moment, and she nodded to let her captor know that there was nothing wrong. “That’s good to hear, I’ll just let you rest for a few minutes before you are taken to the bathroom for your break.”

That happened to me just from tickling? I didn’t know that such a thing was possible as you didn’t caress anywhere sexual on my body. The thoughts that were going through the mind of the helpless lady must have shown in an expression on her face as it caused Diana to speak.

“There’s no need to be puzzled about it, slave. It’s more common for a woman to have this situation occur than you think. It’s nice to know that you can reach this state with relative ease, as it mean that we can have more fun with you over the weekend. Your behaviour with your feet when you finished work at the end of the day showed us that you considered them to be something special, which was even greater than how we react to ours. It’s nice to have another foot-girl who we can have fun with as a slave.”

“There’s one great advantage of having feet this sensitive, and that is the situation of not having to touch any intimate are of your body to reach the peak of pleasure. This proved to be very useful when I was eighteen, because I persuaded my aunt to leave me bound in a tight hogtie for the night. Just before she left the room, she put a blindfold and gag on me and I fell asleep after a little while, but during the night I had an incredible dream and I woke up in the middle of it. I didn’t know how long it was before my aunt discovered me, but I was thrashing about on top of the bed.”

That must have been worse than you finding me this morning than me.

“Given how secure I was it would have taken ages for me to be freed, and so my aunt tickled me non-stop until I found my release. I know that was a somewhat unusual thing to do, but she couldn’t leave me suffering anymore and you have discovered how effective it is.”

Oops, was that me? Another audible rumble from Petra’s stomach reminded her if the fact that now one desire was sated, there was another that demanded attention.

“Well, after this morning it’s not surprising that you are hungry, so I’ll take you for your break, before I give you some breakfast.”

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