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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 15

The discussion didn’t last long, and the three pretend natives gathered around the suspended captive with Megumi in the front. “The spirits have decided the next stage of your punishment, and you will hang from - The Tree of Terror!”

“Excuse me, Megumi.” Selma said in a low voice “You are slipping into Spanish Inquisition mode. Soon you’ll be saying that our best weapons are fear and surprise.”

“I am sorry, Selma. I just thought it would sound good for our captive, but perhaps I should leave that for the actual role-play.” Megumi said “However, getting back to the present, let’s take the evil cowgirl to under the tree.”

Collette and Selma positioned themselves at the ends of the pole that Cecyme was suspended from so that they could support the prisoner and the bound woman was lifted up into the air. It looks as if I am to be carried to my new destination by my vengeful captors. I must remember to trust everyone, even though it may get scary as they won’t put me at genuine risk. This trip wasn’t long compared to the one that took her to the orchard, and it was around a minute before she was lowered to the ground under the largest tree in the orchard. I remember this particular tree, there were times when we used to swing on a tyre that hung on a rope from the largest branch. There is a fresh rope that has been thrown over the branch, so I guess that I am the one who is to be swinging this time.

“Okay ladies, I will set up our cruel captive for the next part, so you two can go elsewhere and relax until I call for you.” The oriental lady said as she pulled and twisted on the pole end at the prisoner’s ankle, and within a minute it was extricated from the limbs of the pretend cowgirl. Cecyme was rolled onto her left side under the branch while her captor went to the base of the trunk and exchanged the pole for a large hemp sack before returning to the helpless prisoner. A coil of jute rope was selected from the bag before Cecyme’s arms and legs were placed together at the elbows and knees, with one end of the cord tied to the below the knee bonds of the lady. This rope was looped around the elbow and knee ropes ten times, plus four cinches wound between her arms and legs, with the other end knotted off at her elbows. The end of a second rope was secured to her ankles, and it was wrapped around her wrist and ankle bonds about a dozen times with six cinches added to tighten the rope.

I wouldn’t be able to move like this anyway, as my body is locked into an immobilised position in this bondage, and I can only move my head around. Keeping me lying on the floor is not your intention though. Here you come with the branch rope. Megumi tied one end of the branch rope to the cord that bound the prisoner’s wrists and ankles together before threading the other end of the rope underneath the connecting bonds. Now I can see what you are planning. I am going to be lifted up by my wrists and ankles, so the strain shouldn’t be too harsh.

Megumi’s first pull on the end of the rope lifted the hands and feet a little off the grass, and each successive tug lifted her limbs a few inches higher each time. Soon, her arms and legs were at a forty five degree angle to the ground as she hung from the rope, and her body started to move to a point which would be under the branch. After some more work by Megumi, Cecyme found herself on her back under the branch with her limbs above her, and the next pull on the rope was enough to separate her from the ground so that she was hanging free. You are stronger than you look, in fact all of you must keep fit. Alicia did have a workout room on the top floor which is past the bedrooms and it has been in regular use. I think that I should use it as well, so that I can be stronger.

Megumi appeared to be straining a little as the captive was hoisted up, but the oriental lady did not weaken as Cecyme ended up with her body at the chest level of her captor who knotted the other end off, making sure that the rope was secure. “There we are, Cecyme.” Megumi said as she walked around to the head of her prisoner. “It will get a bit scary, but just treat it as a kind of fairground ride.”

“Fellow natives! The evil cowgirl is prepared for her next stage of punishment.” Megumi said and the other two captors appeared after about half a minute had gone by. “As you can see, she is powerless against us and she cannot even struggle in her position.”

With my legs and arms bound together like this, I am unable to do anything but hang here.

“Collette, would you like to do the honours and start our captive swinging.” Megumi said, and there was a squeal from the helpless woman as the red headed lady pushed against her bottom which caused the prisoner to start swinging backward and forward. Each extra push by the woman provided extra momentum so that the helpless lady moved further away from the centre of her swing, and the captive did become a little fearful of the situation.

It’s one thing to be swinging when I am the right way up, but hanging in an upside down position along with being bound and gagged shows me just how helpless I am right now.

“I think that our prisoner is swinging hard enough right now, so we should line up beside the helpless human pendulum.” Megumi said, as she stepped into position to the left of the helpless lady who was swinging quite well by now. Collette stopped up behind her with Selma at the rear, and the hanging Cecyme became more than a little worried when each of the ladies removed their right moccasin which was held in their right hands.

I have a feeling that this punishment involves more than just swinging, and this part is going to hurt if my guess is correct. As the defenceless cowgirl swung away from her captives, she turned her head so that she would be able to keep her eyes on the trio, and she watched as Megumi raised her arm with the moccasin in her hand. OUCH! As the bound lady descended towards the centre, the leader of the captors brought her arm down with gusto and the moccasin whipped across the backside of the dangling lady as she was moving at her fastest. That’s why you are standing there, as each spank will be at it’s- OUCH! It was Collette’s turn to smack the bottom of the helpless woman, as Megumi moved over to the rear of the queue, and the victim wondered how long this punishment was going to continue for. You have planned- OUCH! Selma provided the next strike against the posterior of the lady who was acting as a pendulum, which left Megumi at the front and ready to beat the helpless woman.

OW! Wait, that’s my upper thigh this time, you must be alternating which areas you’re are going to hit. Even if you do this in turn, my bottom and thighs are going to be very red when this ends. When the oriental lady spanked her captive, she always changed from bottom to thigh and back again, with the other two following her example, and this went on for some time with the bound woman slowing down just a little after each impact. As the punishment continued, there came a point when the swinging had diminished to a rate at which the captive didn’t deviate far from the vertical, and she was spanked for one last time by the three captors.

“The cowgirl has survived this torment, so I will prepare her for the next punishment. I shall call for you when I need you” Megumi said and the two other women walked through the orchard as the woman brought the prisoner to a halt, before she started to untie the knot that held the helpless lady up in the air. As the captive was lowered back down to the floor, she discovered that the fear and exhilaration had combined with the spanking and adrenaline to start up that special fire between her legs.

I can’t believe that you have managed to make me aroused by all of this so far. I wonder how good you are at using scenarios to play on the mind of the captive. What are you doing now? The leader took out what appeared to be two sharpened stakes with notches on the edges and a mallet out of the sack, and she hammered one into the ground right below the branch before knocking the other one in about six feet away.

“I have plans for you, and you will soon be wishing that you had never trespassed onto our sacred lands.” Megumi said, untying the two ropes that bound the captive’s arms to her legs along with the rope that hung from the branch, before pulling the prisoner on her back by her arms so that they were near the second stake with her feet pointing to the stake under the branch. “I am going to do to you, what so many of your people have done to ours.” The two spare ropes were picked up by the lady playing the native with the end of one cord being tied to the captive’s wrists and the other end knotted off at the stake above her head, leaving several feet trailing. One end of the second cord was bound to the ankles of the helpless woman with the other end tied to the second stake, and there was some extra length left on this cord as well.

I’m all stretched out on the ground with my arms and legs tied to stakes, just like a helpless prisoner in an old stereotypical western movie. I doubt if my torture will be standard though.

The oriental lady knelt astride the hips of the prisoner and a malevolent smile hovered on her lips as she spoke to the helpless lady. “How does it feel to be in the same position that so many of our native maidens have suffered?”

Well, I feel very helpless and at your mercy, but I’m also more than a little aroused with you on top of my body. I’m guessing that you have plans to disrobe me next, though. Although Cecyme was enjoying her bondage, she decided that it would be best if she put on a mock struggle while pretending that she was afraid.

“I see that you understand just how defenceless you are now, and that there will be no rescue for you.” Megumi said and she gave a quick wink to let Cecyme know that she understood that the prisoner was playing along, before placing her hands at the bottom of the shirt. “All of your soldiers liked to strip our maidens of all of their clothes, so that they had to suffer the shame of being naked.”

No, no, no, please no! Cecyme put on a fine show of begging and pleading with the captive shaking her head as the buttons of her checked shirt were undone, starting with the lowest and ending with the top so that a thin sliver of flesh was showing. As the bound woman looked into the face of her captor, it was plain that the oriental lady was already flushed as she pushed aside the sides of the shirt so that the breasts of the captive could be exposed. From what I can guess, Collette has a thing about being tickled, which is why you tickled her before I made love to her, and Selma needs to be punished or have something turned into a punishment because of her past. However, you want something different in your situation, and Selma mentioned role-playing, so you may want to be someone other than yourself in these games. I should play my part to the hilt then, so that you can enjoy it more.

“You seem to be very unhappy with your body being exposed, but this is nothing compared to how you will be soon.” The lady said as she pushed the shirt up to the bound elbows of the helpless lady, who was begging and pleading while she struggled at her utmost as she shook her head. “That skirt of yours needs to be removed next.” She moved down to the lower legs of the prisoner and took her time in unbuttoning the side of the skirt, so that it could be pulled away from the hips of the captive who was still twisting and turning in her ropes.

Cecyme even managed to produce a fake scream that sounded very effective, as the waistline of her panties were gripped at the hips by the woman who was stripping her of her clothes. “Now your most intimate location will be exposed to the sky and you will realise that all of your struggles will have been in vain.” Megumi said, and the woman almost seemed to be panting as she pulled the panties down at a very slow rate which uncovered the Mound of Venus of the bound lady, before the garment was taken down to the knees.

You really are getting into this, and your behaviour is suggesting that you may end up exploding with pleasure before I do. Are you going to leave me like this, or am I going to find myself with the clothes removed completely?

“These clothes are too useful to just cut away from you, so I will remove them and show you that you can do nothing to stop it.” The rope around the elbows of the helpless lady were untied, along with the one around her knees, and the shirt was moved up to her wrists while the panties were taken down to her ankles. Her knees were placed together again, and the cord was rebound in the same way, while her head was lifted up with her elbows put together and tied together like before.

My head is on top of my arms now and this is a little more comfortable than before, but the movements of my arms are very restricted. I’ll still be able to move around once you untie my wrists from the stakes, though.

“I will need to keep you immobilised while I remove your clothing from your body.” Megumi said, and she picked up the other end of the rope that was attached to the stake above Cecyme’s head and tied it to the elbow rope of the prisoner, before the remaining stake rope below her feet was bound to her knees.

I’m still going to be tied down to the ground, even when my wrists and ankles are freed. This is a very clever move by you, and I have the feeling that you have done this before. Once the captor had moved to the hands of the helpless lady, her wrists were untied before the shirt was removed and folded up so that it could be placed down by the trunk of the tree. Next, the hands of the helpless lady were brought palm to palm, and her wrists were bound together with her bonds tied to the rope from the stake so that her arms were again held down. After this was finished, her ankles were untied by the captor before her panties were pulled away from her legs, and the prisoner’s boots were slipped off her feet. Cecyme’s feet were put side by side, and her ankles were bound together in a secure manner by the lady that kept her prisoner, and her feet were tied to the stake so that she was just as helpless as before, with the rest of the items put by the shirt.

“Now you are naked and completely at my mercy, you evil cowgirl.” Megumi said as she stood astride the helpless woman who struggled against her bonds, with the captive showing just how helpless she was in this situation. “Do you know what happened to our poor Native Maidens after your men had done this to them?”

Cecyme squealed as she continued in her fake struggle, a struggle that she discovered was starting to make her feel more aroused than before, with her shaking her head. I know full well what would have happened after this, but I think that playing the unknowing captive would be better.

“I think that I will tell you then, seeing as you appear to be so innocent about it.” Megumi said as she changed into a kneeling position so that her legs were on either side of the bound woman’s chest, with her right hand stroking Cecyme’s hair in a manner that seemed to be just a little menacing. “Your men violated the poor helpless women that they had staked out, so your body is mine to do with as I please.”

As the caressing of the captive’s hair continued the bound lady emitted several screams, but to her surprise she realised that her pretending was increasing the flame of lust between her legs.

Oh my, it appears that I am just as much into playing this game as you are!

(To Be Continued.)

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