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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 7

“You are doing well Cecyme, I think that everyone in the mansion should be awake soon.” Megumi said as she moved her fingernails over the soles of the prisoner’s stocking feet at a slow rate with only gentle pressure, but even this was enough to elicit a stream of laughs from the defenceless lady before the torment was halted for a few seconds.

How can I do anything other than well, I’m more than a little ticklish as you might know from when I was a teenager. It’s a good thing that I took my break earlier because if I hadn’t I could have ended up pee-pleasepleaseplease, nonono! The screams were louder from the bound maid, as her captor pressed harder with her fingers as the second bout of tickling began which lasted for a minute, and the damsel was glad that her ankles were bound to her wrists. If I wasn’t hogtied, I’d hate to think what I would be doing to my neck right now.  Although there was very little give for the ankles of the helpless woman, there was still enough to pull her head back a little further when she struggled as a result of the torment, and she could feel the strain at the back of her neck.

I doubt that you have finished with me yet Megumi, stopstop! Cecyme’s shrieks and struggles became even more pronounced as the scraping across the soles of her feet were at a faster rate than before, and the captive found that she was only able to take shallow breaths at best with her laughing so much.

“I think that you have had enough for your first tickling session, slave Cecyme. You appear to be almost as ticklish as Collette is, and it might be interesting to have you tied up together for a joint tickling session.” Megumi’s head turned as the handset in the room rang. “I will have to answer that, so if you will excuse me.”

both of us tied and tickled? We will probably scream the mansion down. As the bound woman rested in her bonds, she managed to see what her captor was doing as she walked over to the telephone and picked up the handset.

“Good morning, Megumi here. No, she is still tied to the bed and she has been punished for her misdeeds, plus Selma has been punished as well. No, it was nothing serious. I understand, they will be freed as soon as possible, and then I will get the new slave ready for her Saturday morning duties.” The maid put the handset down and walked over to behind Cecyme where Collette was tied up.

It sounds as if I have a busy day ahead of me and I hope that I don’t let everyone down. Knowing that Isabella has a hook with her towel on it does make it easier because she must have gone through this, along with the other maids. The fittings are all of the same age, and they weren’t put in recently so the fifth hook must have been for- Alicia! Oh my, there must have been times when she was the slave to the rest of her staff, and it seems that I am honouring the will by maintaining the place, even taking her place as a slave.

There was a sound behind the prisoner and she listened to a cough before Collette spoke. “I am so sorry, Megumi. I did not want to misbehave, and I accept the punishment that was delivered to me. I will do my best not to offend again.”

“I know that you do your best Collette, It is just that I wonder if deep down, part of you wants to be punished and that is why you do this. Anyway, that is the last rope untied. Would you do me a favour and release Selma from her bondage while I get Cecyme ready for her work?”

“Certainly, I will have her free in no time.”

I think I need to be released from my hogtie at the very least if I’m to help you this morning. A sigh of relief escaped the captive’s distended lips as the rope that bound the back of her gag to her ankles was untied, and the strained feeling in her neck disappeared as she lowered her head onto the bed.

“Do not too relaxed, as you will have work to do soon.” Megumi said as she released the helpless lady from the hogtie rope and the prisoner straightened her legs so that her feet were at the bottom of the bed.

That feels good, I can stretch out again and I hope I will be able to keep my legs straight for a while.

“I need to get you in a better position Cecyme, so I need to get you to sit up on the bed.” Megumi said as she took hold of the bound woman and manoeuvred her so that she was sitting on the bed with her back to Collette, who was freeing Selma from her bondage. “These need to go on first, as you cannot do much walking without them.” Cecyme looked over to the bathroom door as the oriental maid picked up the shoes that had been left there, before returning to the bound lady and kneeling in front of her. The right shoe was slipped on before the left, but the prisoner was surprised when the rope below her knees was untied along with the cord that restrained her ankles.

Aren’t you supposed to keep me all tied up? After all, I am supposed to be a slave in bondage. It seemed to the captive as if she was being released which seemed to be odd under the circumstances, so she coughed in a petite manner so that she could attract the attention of the oriental maid.

“Oh, you are puzzled why I have untied the rope from your legs. It is because you will need some freedom to perform your duties, and hopping would be foolish at best. Anyway, your legs will have some restrictions, but your cough has reminded me that you should be wearing your proper slave gag now. Do not speak will your gag is changed.”

There was a nod from the bound lady, and the maid reached around to the back of her neck so that the ends of the strap could be unbuckled before the rubber ball was pulled out of her mouth. The mouth of the slave was forced wider by the large ball of the harness gag, with the main straps connected together at the back of her neck before the Y strap was taken over her head so that the end could be attached to the other straps, and the small straps were buckled together under her chin.

I don’t know if it is just me, but there seems to be something about this gag that makes me feel as if I am a true slave. Perhaps it is because of the many leather straps that hold it in place.

“There, that makes you look the part. Now to bind your body, so stand up.”

Although my legs are free, it appears that my upper body will be restrained just like yesterday. Megumi opened a drawer which was full of ropes before selecting a large coil, and this was looped ten times around the arms and body of the helpless maid above the breasts, with another ten below before it was pulled tight and knotted off. Another length was taken around the lower arms and waist of the helpless lady eight times, with the ends tied together at the front of her waist so that her arms were secured against her back.

“Close your eyes for the next part, slave.” Megumi said, so the bound woman did as she was instructed, but she ended up letting out a yelp as her panties were pulled down, and something was inserted into her tunnel of lust before her garment was lifted back into position.

It feels as if I have been filled, what have you put inside me?

“That’s just a little device which will provide you with some entertainment later, but I have to make sure that it will not be dislodged.” The woman said, picking up a length of rope which she double stranded, with the looped end taken around the captive’s waist rope at the front, so that the free ends could be pulled tight through the loop. A series of knots were placed at intervals along the cord, and there was a yelp from the prisoner as the line was taken between her legs, before it was pulled tight over the rope around her wrists where it was tied off.

It’s rubbing me, it’s rubbing me between the legs. I doubt that you would even need to use that device on me as this teasing cord with its knots will be effective enough on its own.

“I just need to make sure that you do have some kind of restraint on your legs. After all we do not want our slave to be able to run away.” Two black leather cuffs with D-rings were selected by the maid, who buckled one to the right ankle of the prisoner with the ring on the inside of the leg, and the other was strapped around the left ankle with the ring on the inside as well. A metal chain which seemed to be about twenty four inches long, with a clip on each end was taken out of the drawer and one clip was attached to the cuff that was strapped around the helpless woman’s right ankle, while the other was clipped to the left one.

I won’t be able to run in this, but I can at least take small steps which I presume is why my ankles are bound in this manner.

“Now, we have a nice secured slave. The chain that binds your legs is two foot long, which is appropriate in a way because it connects two feet.” Megumi said with a smile. “Oh, I see that you are finally free, Selma. How are you feeling?”

“I feel like I will not be able to sit down for a week, Megumi. However, I want to thank you for my punishment, as it has done me a lot of good.”

“Think nothing of it, you showed that you needed it and I was happy to oblige you. You and Collette need to have a shower and get dressed so that you can make your way upstairs. I have already eaten, so I will take our new slave who will help me in preparing breakfast. First, I think that Cecyme needs to get used to having her ankles chained together, so I will take her up and down the corridor so that she can learn to step within the restrictions of her bondage. Follow me, slave.”

I just hope that my concentration isn’t disturbed by this tantalising rope. It seems that you have tied the knots in just the right places so that they will stimulate my intimate flesh. The oriental maid walked over to the living room door with the helpless lady following her, and it was opened so that they could exit through the door that would take them to the ground floor corridor.

“Practice walking up and down until you feel comfortable, slave. I do not want you to end up tripping over while you are helping me this morning, as falling down could be disastrous. Remember that your steps are limited, so take even smaller steps until you become accustomed to using the length of the chain while you walk.”

Following the advice of her captor, the helpless maid took smaller steps at first so that she would not cause the chain that connected her legs together to become taught. After going up and down the corridor, the woman decided to extend her walk to its fullest extent and although there were a few moments where she thought that she was going to stumble, she managed to recover without needing any help from the other lady.

“You are ready to help me now. Follow me into the kitchen and you can aid me with preparing breakfast.” Megumi said, opening the door to the kitchen so that the helpless captive would be able to enter.

How can I be of any use to you? My arms are bound behind my back so I can’t use my hands, and my feet are not much use either. As the lady entered the kitchen, she looked around at all of the general paraphernalia along with the ovens. Again, although much of the equipment including the microwave and gas cookers was modern, everything was customised so that it was in keeping with the house with the only exception being the digital readouts on the microwave ovens. I read that a mechanical device would have been unreliable, so that is a surrender to practicality, along with the membrane keys for ease of cleaning. Everything else is in keeping with the time though.

“Stop by the centre table for a moment, and you will be of use to me once I add something to you.” It only took a few steps for the bound lady to reach the table, and she halted while Megumi picked up what appeared to be a box with four straps attached. One long end of the box was positioned against the waist of the helpless lady, with the two straps that were connected at the far ends of this side being taken around her waist and under her arms, so that the two ends of the straps could be buckled together. The other two straps which led from the front ends of the short sides went up and around to the back of her neck and they were attached below the straps of her gag.

This is a tray, you’ve turned me into a walking tray. At least I understand why my legs aren’t tied together like last night, because at the very least I could make a major mess if I fell. Are those small drawers on the table as well?

“We have work to do, Cecyme. You are to follow me around as my portable tray.” The oriental maid started to prepare saucepans and hobs so that they would be warm before she walked over to the cupboards which were close to the dumb waiter. “Ah good, the waiter has been lowered which means that someone is up there to help put the items on the table in the dining room. The cold breakfast items will go up first before I start to cook the main meal.”

Cecyme was amazed at how efficient the maid was as she prepared the breakfast for the others as she seemed to make it look as if it was easy, even though she was doing it on her own.

I doubt that I would be able to do this a tenth as well as you can?

“It’s practice, Cecyme. We have done this enough time to become very proficient at it. After all, we still have to make meals for everyone, even if you only have a sandwich.”

I should have realised that the entire staff have to be fed. Perhaps I should discuss with them what we should all eat in future.

“Don’t worry about standing around Cecy. They also serve who only stand and wait...”

I never thought that this saying could be turned into a bad pun. However, I feel very guilty watching you do all of this work while I’m just doing nothing. During the week, I should prepare meals sometimes, or at least work with whoever is cooking. OW!

“You assist in this way and no other. You do not cook.” Megumi said as she gave her slave a second spank. “Did you think that I would not be able to read your face? Think about how I know that look.”

Alicia must have made the same offer, and more than once I would presume. It is ironic that even the maids have rules about how the place is run, but this must be part of the setup.

“Hello, Megumi and Cecyme.” Collette said as she entered the kitchen in her fresh uniform. “Everything is set out, and they ware starting on the meal in the dining room. Shall I take the new slave upstairs to help?”

“Go ahead, I can manage without my walking tray now. Cecyme, you are to go with Collette and help upstairs.”

“Come with me.” Collette said. “I will take you to the next floor in the elevator, as ascending the stairs will be a little difficult while you are in bondage.” The bound woman followed the red headed maid as walked along the corridor to the elevator so that they could reach the first floor, and the captive was glad to have the support of the maid as it wasn’t the smoothest of rides. Once they were on the next floor it took less than a minute for the two maids to reach the dining room, and Cecyme noticed that the three general handymen were there, along with Selma and Mistress Isabella who was at the head of the table. A giggle escaped from the captive’s gagged mouth as the maid who had been flogged attempted to sit down on a chair before she decided to remain standing.

I shouldn’t laugh as I could end up in that situation. Following the commands that Collette issued, the bound maid helped with distributing items from the dumb waiter and carrying other items around the room, until her work was completed at which point she was instructed to stand at the foot of the table.

“Your new slave appears to be very promising, Mistress Isabella, I’m sure that she will make a great addition to your team.” John said as he looking at the helpless woman.

“That remains to be seen, as she has more tests to go through yet.” The Mistress said. “Anyway, you may be the first to use this, John.” What appeared to be a remote control device was handed to the young man, and he smiled as he looked at the buttons.”

“I presume that this is for the breakfast entertainment.” He said.

“Go ahead.”

What sort of entertainment are they talk- OHMYOHMYOHMY! Cecyme couldn’t help but scream out loud, and her knees buckled to such an extent that she nearly fell to the floor as the device within her sprang into life, with its buzzing sending a jolt through the centre of her intimacy.

(To Be Continued.)

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