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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 24

“Well Kǎodǎ, which side of the captive do you wish to be on?” Kǒngbù said.

“I think that I would prefer to use my left hand for this, so maybe it will be best for me if I stand on the right of our helpless whore. Are you okay with being on her left, Kǒngbù?”

“That will be fine. To be honest, I don’t think our captive will be bothered about what side we are on, as she will soon be occupied with what we are doing to her.” Kǒngbù said as she stood on the left of the helpless woman, while her sister took up position on Cassidy’s right side with both of the women facing the captive.

Even though Cassidy shook her head as she begged through her gag for the sisters to be merciful to her, she knew that her efforts would be in vain as there were no other options. Madam Sǐwáng has left me with these two just so that I can be tormented, and although I have been through many unpleasant actions, this one may be the opposite and inflict far more embarrassment and humiliation than anything else. She looked from side to side as the two ladies lifted up their hands, and although she attempted to put on her most pitiful face as a last resort, this also failed to elicit any sympathy from her captors.

“I think that our prisoner is trying to appeal to our good side, Kǒngbù. However, it is unfortunate for her that although we do have a good side, we are not going to allow her to make any use of it. You go first so that our bondage captive can start to have her bottom warmed up.”

“Sure, Kǎodǎ. We do have an advantage with Cassandra this time, seeing as she doesn’t feel pain in the same way as the rest of us. This means that we can spank her bare bottom far harder than we could with any other captive, and she will only feel the stimulation. It is the same with the rope that runs between her legs, as that will only caress her, no matter how hard it presses.”

That’s all too true, on any other woman this rope would be far too uncomfortable to provide any pleasure, but on me it provides nothing but pleasure. Here we go, I just hope that I don’t end up embarrassing myself in front of the world. As soon as Cassidy noticed that Kǒngbù was lifting her right hand up a little higher, she bit into her gag in preparation for the spanking that she was going to receive. Everyone else does this because they need to take their mind off the pain, but I have to concentrate so that I can be occupied on something other than the stimulation.

As to be expected, the first blow against her cheeks didn’t hurt at all, even though it was quite a harsh strike and she noticed that her body jerked in response, which caused the crotch rope to rub against her most sensitive area. She bit harder into the gag so that she could try to ignore this sensation, along with the increased heart rate which pumped more blood to the struck area. Five more spanks followed at a slow rate which she reacted to with the same movement of her body, and she noticed that the nerve endings below her bottom muscles were starting to become affected by the blows. I read about how spankings can be used in a situation like this to arouse a bound woman so much that she can end up in ecstasy. There’s no pain, so I can experience this without that particular distraction. What are you doing now? No!i

Instead of it being the turn of the next sister to spank her, Kǒngbù was running the fingers and palm of her right hand over the bare skin on the helpless lady, and this caress increased the feeling of pleasure and warmth in her bottom and the top of her legs. I can try and hold on for as long as possible, but I know that eventually I will have no choice but to surrender to my desire, which will humiliate me in front of millions. Cassidy bit into the gag again when her cheeks were hit by the sister to her right, and even though the impacts were of the same strength, the increase in strength of the flame of lust in her body were impossible to ignore  After the half dozen smacks were delivered to the posterior of the prisoner, her hips twitched as Kǎodǎ’s hand smoothed over the bare flesh that was starting to turn red.

This is worse that when I was being tortured by the three of you, as a punishment like that can be resisted but this pleasure is impossible to fight.

“Did you see our captive twitch just then, Kǎodǎ? I’m sure that she is enjoying this, and that she is trying to fool us that she isn’t.”

“I could feel her movements under my hand as I gave her a gentle caress, Kǒngbù. Cassandra is reacting to our treatment in a most lustful way.”

You know exactly what is happening to me, even though I am doing my best to hide my behaviour while I have to go through this ordeal.

It was Kǒngbù’s turn to administer the latest round of spankings, and she not only took her time but landed her blows on areas that had not been hit before, so that more of the area would be affected. That’s unfair. By smacking me in these new places, you are increasing the feelings inside my body and adding more fuel to the fire where the special rope touches me. The several minute long caress of her cheeks was even worse, and although she did her best to stifle her response to this pleasurable action by biting down on the ball between her teeth, a moan managed to escape from her muffled mouth. Oh no, I’ve given myself away to you, and to anyone who will be watching this on their computers.

“Our prisoner is finding her stimulation to be very enjoyable and she has failed in her efforts to suppress the erotic feelings that are going through her body, Kǎodǎ. I think that your turn will manage to elicit further reactions from her, and show everyone just how naughty this bad woman is.”

I knew it! You plan to take me to the point where my erotic feelings will explode within me so that I will be shamed in front of everyone. I cannot get free, and any struggles that I make will just intensify the hot and arousing feelings inside me.

“It will be interesting to see how Cassandra behaves now that I am the one who will give that bad bottom of hers a good spanking. However, I think that I will change my tactics on this turn, by delivering an extremely hard smack and then applying a nice long caress to accentuate it.” Cassidy turned her head to the right so that she could watch as Kǎodǎ lifted her hand as high as possible, and the resulting blow caused her body to jerk in its bonds which increased the tension of the rope that pressed against her “hot-spot”. This act added even more heat to her body, and the lady’s biting on her gag failed to help her concentrate, as her bottom writhed under the soft caress that her captor provided. This was just after the first blow, and by the time the sixth was delivered to the captive’s bottom, it was clear just how affected she was by the treatment that she had received from the two sisters.

I’m starting to lose control, and my own body is starting to turn against me. I’m trying my best to keep still, but as there is no pain this is an erotic massage for my body. After a while at this rate, I won’t even care about what you are doing to me and I will want you to do even more.

“Kǎodǎ, I must admit that poor prisoner is starting to look very sexy because of our so called punishment, and I think that I should copy your method of applying the stimulation. There well come a time when she is so full of desire that she won’t want us to stop.” It was Kǒngbù’s turn to deliver six of the best to the bottom of the defenceless prisoner, and each hard smack was separated by a long massage of the captive’s red cheeks. Her strikes were harder than her sister’s which caused the crotch rope to increase its pressure against the seat of Cassidy’s flame, and the prisoner no longer bit down on the gag as she emitted a loud moan after each blow. As the helpless woman received the sweet caress after each strike, she found herself pushing her bottom against the hand of her captor so that the maximum amount of pleasure could be obtained from the act, and once the woman realised what she was doing, her face started to turn bright red.

There is no point in trying to pretend that I don’t want this to happen, now that it is obvious I am burning up with erotic feelings. I might as well encourage my heat to grow even more until it explodes within me. As Kǎodǎ continued spanking Cassidy with each blow accompanied by a massage, the helpless lady cried out with pleasure as she gave in to the desires that controlled her body, and she even dropped her heels every so often so that the crotch rope would become even more tense.

“Kǒngbù, I think that the captive has abandoned all pretence of being innocent, and she is even pressing herself against the rope so that she can add to the experience. Now the world can see just how shameless this slut really is.”

Could you two stop it with the sisterly chatter and carry on with spanking my bottom? Hello, aroused woman here and I would like to get on with this. Oh my God, I am truly caught up with this now, and I don’t care who sees me like this anymore. While the bound prisoner raised and lowered her heels to obtain more erotic pleasure, she did her best to wiggle her red bottom to the two captives so that she could get their attention.

“Cassandra has actually grown impatient with us, Kǎodǎ, so I think that we should concentrate on just giving our prisoner the nice erotic spanking that she so obviously desires.”  Kǒngbù took her time in smacking the bottom of the captive, and she used the spacing between blows to provide a comprehensive smoothing of the prisoner’s cheeks.

This was how the situation continued for the defenceless Cassidy, with each of the sisters taking it in turn to keep her stimulated with the spankings and caresses, which did their work in increasing the level of warmth and erotic sensations in the body. The helpless woman no longer cared that her lust and need was on view to the world as she had surrendered to her desires, and her only thought was when she was going to reach the peak of ecstasy.

I have never experienced anything like this before, but that isn’t surprising as I have never been in such strict bondage or stimulated in such a unique manner. What is surprising is that you have shown restraint in how you touch me. I am unable to prevent you from touching any part of my body, but you have kept away from certain areas in public, leaving only the rope to press against my area of greatest intimacy. I can only think that this must be due to rules that Madam Sǐwáng has set down, and you have no desire to disobey her orders. The rope between my legs is probably as far as you will go in teasing me, but it is serving its purpose along with the spankings in providing me with this incredible pleasure. I thought that as the kidnap victim I was supposed to be punished, and yet this is the opposite of punishment.

It wasn’t long before the helpless Cassidy closed her eyes so that she could concentrate on her sense of touch, and she allowed herself to be swamped by the feelings that were flooding her being. Her anticipation and excitement added to the erotic fire that burned within her, and she almost howled through her gag at each new smack which was followed by a sensual massage of her bottom. Every time that she was struck by one of the sisters, she lowered her heels as much as possible along with pushing her bottom out, so that she could obtain as much pleasure as possible.

 Each repeated cycle of spankings and caresses was welcomed by the captive as they took her closer to that special moment, and soon she had reached the point when it would take just one more series of blows to drive her erotic feelings over the edge into bliss. That’s it, both of you can spank my bottom once more so that I can lose myself in the eruption of pleasure. In anticipation of the next series of blows, the bound woman pushed her bottom out as far as it would go and tensed her body as she waited for the smacks to land on her posterior.

However, nothing happened.

What’s going on? Are you going to tease me a little more by waiting before you finish me off? You two do seem to be taking your time about this, and I really need to have something done about the sensual fire that burns within me. Cassidy waited for a few more seconds before she opened her eyes, and when the captive looked around her, Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù were nowhere to be seen. You’ve deliberately
left me like this, while I am right on the edge! I’ve been taken almost to the point of ecstasy and I have a flame of lust that needs to be extinguished. Where have you two gone to? There was a cry of frustration from the helpless lady as she realised that her feeling of desire had become so intense that it had become a form of torment.

Maybe if I try to press myself against the rope between my legs, I can take myself over the edge on my own. A few seconds later, the suffering lady started to raise and lower her heels in a rhythmical pattern while pushing her posterior back and forth, in the hope that these actions would be sufficient to proved her with the release that she had become desperate for. After several minutes of this, however, the woman not only discovered that this was unsuccessful but she had ended up in adding more fuel to the erotic fire that burned away inside her being. Please help me! Don’t leave me like this! Even though the woman tried to stop her new actions in the hope that she could calm herself down, her body almost seemed to have a life of its own as it continued with the thrusting which started to mix her pleasure with pain.

After a short time had passed, the tormented woman saw movement out of the corner of her right eye, so she turned her head to see who was approaching her and discovered that it was Madam Sǐwáng. Thank goodness my Mistress is back, and I’m sure after our private talk that she will not leave me to suffer like her aides have. It took about twenty seconds for the Madam to walk up to the right side of the captive, and the helpless woman begged and pleaded to the woman in the hopes that her internal fire would soon be put out. Please spank me so that an end can be brought to my torment!

Madam Sǐwáng’s response was not the one that the bound woman was expecting, however, as the leader placed her face close to the right ear of the suffering woman and spoke in a quiet tone. “I know that your lust must be driving you crazy, and that you want me to relieve you of your suffering, but I cannot do such a thing to you in public.”

Are you joking about this? You let your two accomplices take me to a point where I am on the edge of bliss, where they leave we with a desire that has become excruciating, and you tell me that you cannot help me?

“Cass, at first I was happy to let Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù spank you, and I was prepared to let them take you all of the way. However, as I checked the monitor, some people were starting to make some very unsavoury comments about you enjoying yourself. Previously, when I tormented you, they were on your side, and I was the evil villainess responsible for the cruelty against you, but this attitude changed when you put on your display as they started to think that you were some kind of slut. To be honest, I was enjoying your erotic display which made me feel very warm inside, but I couldn’t allow it to end so I had to intervene. I motioned my assistants to leave, and as your pleasure rebounded on you, the comments turned me into the bad woman again.”

Oh great, you want to protect my reputation as the victim by torturing me with pleasure? Do you have any idea just how it feels to be kept in denial like this?

“I know that you must hate me for doing this right now, Cass, but if I had allowed it to end I doubt that you would ever forgive me, especially for the reputation that you would end up with. Once we are in private, I will provide you with a release from your torment, but you need to endure until then.”

I will try my best, but I don’t think that I have ever been so sensitive in my life. Cassidy squirmed in her bonds as the fire of lust continued to burn at her most sensitive point.

Madam Sǐwáng straightened up and spoke in her dominating voice. “Now that I have you suffering in this way, Cassandra, I will prepare you for the next torment!”

(To Be Continued)

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