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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cecilia Medina - The Mishandled Mistress Part 14

The only thing Cecyme could do in her current predicament was to look up as the men and women approached her, but she didn’t expect to hear the side door open and close with more footsteps  approaching from behind.

“Oh dear, you were so close to reaching your goal, and there was a special prize waiting for you if you succeeded. However, since you failed, I will just have to give your prize to the others.” Mistress Isabella said as she stood over the helpless lady while wearing her domination outfit and the captive cowgirl felt a tingle in the most intimate part of her body as she imagined being made love to by this powerful woman.

I would just love to be held captive by you, bound in any way that you desire and to be made to respond to any touch that you apply to my helpless body. I don’t understand why you are carrying a large plate, unless there is some kind of torture device on it. That is so mean of you, I didn’t expect you to torment me in that way. This is cruel! As the Mistress bent over with the plate, the bound woman managed to smell what was on the plate before she even received a glimpse of the small piled up items. They’re your special cookies, and you are teasing me with them by holding them just out of reach. I can already feel the saliva building up in my mouth and lying down like this, I can’t do anything to stop it from leaking out.

“Poor Cecyme, my magic cookies really do have an effect on you as you are starting to drool over them. You are a little cookie demon.” The woman said as she straightened up before holding the plate out so that the six men and women who had gathered round the Mistress. “Eat them slowly and savour every mouthful, as I want the naughty cowgirl to watch your enjoyment in full.”

Cecyme could do nothing but watch as the group took their time in eating the cookies, and she struggled against her bonds in frustration as on occasion they waved one of the items right in front of her face. I think that I could deal with having my bottom spanked or much worse, rather than being tormented in this manner. Just let me have one, please.

Megumi smiled as she looked down on the helpless cowgirl who lay on the ground and wafted one of the delicious morsels in front of the captive’s face. “Evil cowgirls who get captured do not receive any reward, they are taken back to our sacred grounds for severe torment so that the spirits may be appeased.” She said before giving the helpless lady a gentle slap on the thigh. “It will be my turn to be in charge of you, once you are taken to the Trees of Terror.”

Even though the group took their time with eating the items, the last one was consumed as the Mistress walked back towards the house with the empty plate. “Now we have to prepare you for your trip back to the area of torture.” Megumi said as she untied the lasso rope that held the prisoner on the floor before removing the chest and waist ropes that held her arms and hands to her body. The captive was surprised as she was helped up into a sitting position and her wrists were untied, but this was just a temporary situation as a longer rope was looped a dozen times around her wrists with five cinches added which tightened the rough cord.

Another long rope was taken around her forearms just below the elbows and this was also wound around twelve times with five cinches added, so that her lower arms were locked in a parallel position. Her legs just below the knees were also bound together with the same amount of turns which left the cowgirl just as tied up as ever, and her hat was removed by Megumi who put it on her own head. Cecyme began to get worried again when the oriental lady bunched up her hair at the top of her head in a kind of ponytail, before tying one end of a length of cord around it. I thought that my torture was going to start once I was taken back to the orchard, not right now. Anyway, how am I supposed to get there, by hopping? It’s going to take forever to get there with my legs tied together, and we’ve always forced the captive to walk so perhaps they are just going to make me hop up there which will be my punishment.

However, the helpless cowgirl discovered that her understanding of the situation was far from correct, as she was made to lie in a supine position on the ground with her hands and feet being lifted into the air by Collette and Selma.  What are you going to do to me now? No!

“We don’t make the captive walk back anymore, as there is a far more interesting way of transporting the prisoner.” Megumi said as she walked to the wall and picked up an item before returning to the group with the helpless lady letting out a yelp as she recognised the object.

It’s a long wooden pole! Surly you can’t be planning to use that on me in some way. Oh no, you are!

“This pole is strong and flexible enough to hold you up.” The oriental lady said as she threaded one end between the lower legs of the captive with it being pulled through inch by inch until it was up to her forearms, where it was taken between her limbs just after her wrist bonds so that equal amounts stuck out from her wrists and ankles.

You can’t be planning to carry me on the pole all the way to the orchard. What if I fall or one of you loses your grip? Cecyme started to struggle with fear as the reality of her situation dawned on her, and it became worse as Megumi picked up two leather pads from the wall which were handed to the two other women, who put them over their right shoulders.

“Oh don’t panic, you bad cowgirl, do you think that this is the first time that we have done this? Okay girls, it’s time to lift the prisoner up.” Megumi said, so the two other ladies crouched down with Selma at the front and Collette behind the helpless lady, before placing the pole on their shoulder pads and standing up which resulted in the captive hanging from the pole by her wrists and ankles.

You have gone and done it, I’m suspended from the pole like some animal that has been captured, before it is carried back to the village to be carved up for leather and food. Ouch, what are you doing with my hair?

“I think that you will have to be made extra secure for the trip, so I am taking precautions.” The present leader said as she took the other end of the rope that was tied to the captive’s hair, looping it twice around the pole before pulling it so the head of the prisoner was forced up, and tying the end off. “Let us go to the ancient ground where we can torture this monstrous intruder.” The trio set off with the taking a slow pace, but even this was enough to cause a slight swinging of the bound cowgirl whose hair was pulled at every slight movement.

I can’t even let my head rest in any way, as my face is almost forced into my arms and this swaying is like a torment of its own. If I relax my head for a moment, it will only serve to amplify the discomfort that I am currently suffering.

“You should consider yourself lucky, as we sometimes carry our worst offenders with their arms and legs behind them, and you should hear them scream when this happens. If you give us any trouble while we are transporting you, then this is the way that you will travel on the rest of the journey.”

That is quite a threat, but I doubt that you would enjoy making me suffer to that extent. After seeing how Selma reacted last night though, I wonder what will happen to me if you try something similar. It was going to take some time to reach the orchard which was going to double as the so-called ancestral grounds, and the two ladies carrying the prisoner were not moving at a fast pace so Megumi called for a halt after five minutes.

“I don’t want my friends to end up dropping you on the way to your torment, as we would not know if your cries come from your injury or from our actions.” She said as the other two lowered the prisoner to the ground. “Be assured that this is only a short delay to your well deserved punishment for disturbing our spirits.” After a rest of five minutes, the victim was lifted up into the air again and the group of four made their way along the path, until they were almost at the door to the orchard which Megumi opened. “We will just rest her for another few minutes, and then it will be the last small walk over to where we will start your torment.”

The time seemed to slip by in a moment, and the suspended lady was hoisted up onto the shoulder of her carriers for a second time before they set off through the orchard towards the far end. I wonder if there are a few things that they, or rather we don’t want any casual visitors seeing. It would be understandable, as having rumours about what goes on here could cause a few problems.

As they moved closer to the other end of the orchard, the helpless lady noticed two poles that appeared to be driven into the ground so that the tops were just below shoulder level. “There are grooves in the top of these poles which match the pole you are being carried on, so there is no chance of you slipping off.” The bound damsel was carried so that she was between the poles, and the two ladies that had lifted her all of this distance positioned themselves so that the pole was above the grooves before lowering it down. Once the captive was in position, the oriental lady approached the helpless woman and untied the end of the hair rope that was knotted to the pole, before releasing the other end that was connected to the captive’s hair so that she would be able to move her head.

“Before you get too comfortable, prisoner” Megumi said “You should take a good look at what is underneath you.” As the suspended woman turned her head and looked down, she so was shocked when she saw what was below her that she ended up emitting a shriek of fear.

It’s a fire pit! You’ve got me hanging by my wrists and ankles over a fire pit! You can’t be planning on burning me alive, please don’t! As the prisoner looked down, she saw the rectangular pit which was lined on the sides and the bottom with stones, and there was still ash from a previous fire which covered some of the bottom stones. Cecyme let her imagination run away with her as she thought of what would happen to her while she was suspended from the pole, and she started to struggle in her panic.

Seeing that her captive had reacted badly to her new predicament, Megumi bent over by the helpless lady before speaking in a low voice. “Time out, Cecilia Medina.” This was enough to stop the helpless woman from struggling to an extent in which she could end up hurting herself, but her eyes were still wide open as she looked at her captor in fear. “Cecilia, Mistress, we have no intention of truly hurting you, and we did not intend to cause you genuine fear.” There was a short pause while Megumi caressed the hair of the woman. “However, this game and the surprise has been far too effective in getting into your mind, so perhaps we should give you a rest and cancel the torment part of this game. After five minutes have gone by, we will untie you and take you back to the mansion for a rest. We have been doing this for years, and you have fitted in so well that we have forgotten that you are very new at the more sophisticated games.”

Megumi went down to sit with the other two ladies, and she explained to them what was said and how it would be best to take Cecyme back to the mansion for a good break. While this was happening, the captive was thinking about what had just happened and how she should have known better than to think that they would even consider doing something so horrific. They must have played this game with my aunt many times and nothing ever happened to her, so why would they do something bad to me. I have let everyone down by panicking like this and I should have known better. They are going to go very easy on me now as a result of this, and they could even cancel the rest of the weekend. All of them loved Alicia, and I think that it was because she was quite willing to let them control her, which created a special bond. I can’t let them down, Alicia choose me to be the Mistress of this house because she believed in me, and I won’t let them down. I am going through this as far as I can, and try to endure everything that they will do to me over this weekend.

It seemed as though the rest was going on forever, but Megumi got up with the other two following her and she started to reach for the knots of the ropes that held the stick in the prisoner’s mouth. I mustn’t let this come to an end, as it will disappoint all of you. NO! The oriental lady appeared to be surprised by the shout that Cecyme made, and the captive shook her head as much as she could in the hope that the others would understand.

After a few seconds, Megumi approached the helpless lady and spoke in a low voice as she bent over. “I want to be certain about this, Cecilia, do you want us to continue to play, even though we ended up frightening you?”

You understand me, I don’t want to let any of you down just because I panicked for a moment. You are more than my maids, you are my friends, and I will play with you. There was a single slow nod from the captive.

“I just want to check again with you, as that fire will be used later, and you will be above it later, but it will not hurt you, just test you. Are you still sure?” Another nod from the bound Cecyme brought a warm smile to the face of the oriental lady. “I can see now that Mistress Alicia was correct about selecting you as her successor, and that you are going to fit in with all of us. Thank you for wanting to carry on with the game.” The lady turned around to face her friends and said “Cecyme wishes to carry on with the game, even though we ended up scaring her too much this morning, and she is even willing to trust us with the fire later on.”

“Are we going to torment her then?” Collette said.

“Yes, we can start with the first round of the punishment for the evil cowgirl.” Megumi said as she went behind the helpless cowgirl. “Collette, you can go to her left, and Selma can go to the right of our bad intruder.”

You must have something planned for me, but I have no idea what it is although I will find out in a few seconds. Cecyme was a little nervous as the two ladies took their positions on either side of her, she struggled a little in her bonds even though the woman knew that she was safe from harm.

“Now!” Megumi said.

Here we- nonononono, stopstopstopstopstop! Screams of laughter escaped the gagged lady’s mouth as Megumi ran her fingernails up and down the back of Cecyme’s knees in a slow movement while the other two woman applied their fingers to her sides. Once thirty seconds had gone by, the leader signalled for her friends to stop so that that captive could have a little rest.

“We have to remember that it is a while since she has had to exert herself, but the next one will be a minute long. Go!” There were more cries from the captive as the torment intensified and this round went on for twice as long as before with her gasping for breath once the sixty seconds were up. “Let’s give her half a minute before we start again, and this time I will decide when we shall end.”

Just how long are you going to take it for this ti-pleasepleaseplease! Cecyme shrieked this time as her captors’ tickling was faster and stronger than before, and soon she found that the experience was so intense that she found herself unable to breathe in, which left her struggling in silence from her torment. Helphelphelphelphelphelp!

“Let us stop for a minute, ladies so that the evil cowgirl can get her breath back. It will be no fun if she falls unconscious on us.” The three women stopped for a minute so that the captive was able to take deep breaths again, but the punishment continued in the same way for the next fifteen minutes with the helpless lady getting a break when she was unable to breathe.

“We will give the cowgirl five minutes to compose herself before we go onto the next punishment.” Megumi said, and the three women sat down in a huddle with them talking in a volume that left Cecyme unable to understand what they were saying.

They must be discussing what to do to me for the next round...

(To Be Continued...)

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