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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 7


“Why thank you, B497. That is a wonderful idea. Ladies, this is why I didn’t strip Cassandra naked when we had captured her, as once you have done that there is nothing else to do.” Madam Sǐwáng said. Leave her clothed though, and you can embarrass her in all manner of ways.”

No, you can’t possibly think of doing this to me! Cassidy shook her head on the bed, but she watched the screen and cried out through her gag as the madam went to the side of the brass bed.

“Sometimes, less is more. This is an example of what that expression means, girls.” The woman said, taking her time in reaching out for the hem of the captive’s garment so that the torment of the helpless lady would be prolonged as she stared at the monitor. “Never be in a rush with any kind of torment, and take even longer before you inflict it, as the anticipation will add to the psychological suffering.” After a few more seconds had passed, the leader took hold of the end of the nightdress with her hands and pulled it up the thighs of the prisoner at a rate which was almost imperceptible.

Please stop it, don’t treat me like this.

“If you notice the expression on Cassandra’s face, it is clear that she is horrified by what I am doing to her. The fact that she cannot do anything to stop me just makes it worse for our prisoner.” More and more bare flesh at the top of the thighs was exposed as the cloth was moved, and there came a point where the prisoner’s panties were visible to the camera at the foot of the bed.

You are forcing me to flash my briefs to the entire world. As the helpless woman viewed the act of exposure that was forced on her by her captor, her cheeks went bright red with her face seeming to show both shock and shame which reflected the internal feeling of humiliation. Just how much of me are you going to show to the people watching this?

The hem of the soft garment was pulled up three more inches which ensured a good view for the camera before the woman released her hold on the material. “You can pull your nightie back down at any time if you wish, Cassandra.”

I can’t move an inch, how on earth am I going to preserve my modesty in this position.

“Oh dear, poor Cassandra is showing herself off to everyone who can see her.” Madam Sǐwáng said. “The irony is that most of the ladies that are getting a suntan on a beach at this moment are wearing far less and are even more exposed. The amount of exposure is irrelevant when it comes to humiliation, which can sound a bit odd to some people.”

B497: Thank you Madam Sǐwáng, the suffering on your prisoner’s face at this treatment has been delightful, and I love the fact that she is forcibly exposed.

“Your thanks is appreciated B497, and I can see that others are showing their approval as well. Part of the effect is not down to the amount of area covered, but the type of clothing because a bikini is meant for public wear, while a nightdress means something more private and intimate. Also, the exposure is against the will of our helpless Cassandra, and this is what affects her mind the most. She was just as much on show when she was forced to bend over while cleaning in her French Maid outfit, but this feels worse to her.”

I can’t continue to look at myself like this, at least you don’t control my head. Cassidy turned her head to the right so that she didn’t have to look at the monitor which was a constant reminder of just how she was being treated by her captor.

“Yes H025, I think that we will have to make sure that the bad agent is made to watch herself.” Madam Sǐwáng said, taking a roll of strong white wine along with a knife out of the bag. “Kǎodǎ, use this string and the knife to secure the naughty captive’s head so that she is forced to look at the monitor.”

No, please just let me rest. Kǎodǎ cut two long pieces of string off the roll, and one of the ends were tied to each of the metal rings that were attached to the gag  on either side of the helpless lady’s face. The other ends of the two lengths were looped around the bed on the left side, and the captive was forced to turn her head back to the left before the string was tightened and tied off, so that the prisoner was forced to stare at the screen. You monsters, you’re forcing me to look at myself.

H025: If you frogtie the captive, you may put even more strain on her legs and knees.

“That is a very good idea, and it will add more torment because it will emphasise the present view. Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù get some rope and put this into effect as we must keep the viewers happy.” Each of the accomplices reached into the bag and selected a length of rope before moving to opposite sides of the bed, so that they could apply the new bonds to the prisoner. Kǎodǎ started on Cassidy’s right leg by wrapping twelve loops taken around her thigh and ankle, with ten tight cinches added so that the helpless woman’s legs were put under strain, while Kǒngbù copied the procedure with the left leg.

Is there any part of my body that isn’t placed under strain and aching tonight? I won’t be able to get any sleep like this. Why don’t you just stick me on a rack. Even thought the tormented lady tried to put on a brave face, a  whimpering sound managed to escape from her gagged mouth.

D623: Oh dear, it seems that our brave secret agent has gone all wimpy. I would have thought that she would have been a lot tougher.

“It is part of Cassandra’s cover, as she is still pretending to be this Cassidy Bryce girl.” Madam Sǐwáng said “To be honest, I thought that the Intelligence Service would have avoided any similarities between Cassandra Blake and Cassidy Bryce. Why, even the first names are too close together.

I am Cassidy Bryce, it’s obvious that you are delusional about this fictional character called Cassandra Blake. You even got what happened at the orphanage wrong, as I was rescued from the fire by my adoptive mother. I can only think that you have a grudge against someone who looks a little like me and you found me instead.  You have created a fictional situation so that I have ended up becoming this other woman. Perhaps I can convince you that I am not this Cassandra Blake and then you can let me go.

L287: Did you record the short news segment for our prisoner to hear? She is a worldwide sensation after all, after being in the shadows for so long.

“I did L287, and I think that it is time that she heard it.” Madam Sǐwáng said, picking up her tablet and selecting an icon that was at the top of the screen. There was silence for a few seconds before the recording started:

“The main news story of the night is the kidnapping of a woman who is claimed to be an agent called ‘Cassandra Blake’ by her abductor. The kidnapper, who says she is a woman by the name of Madam Sǐwáng said that she took the agent prisoner at lunchtime in revenge for actions taken against her. In a bizarre move, the abductee is actually being filmed so that the stream can be put on the internet, with her being tormented and humiliated by her captors. We contacted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for information about Cassandra Blake, but we only received the following statement.”

“We will not confirm or deny the existence of a Cassandra Blake, and we will not discuss anything about the presumed kidnapping of an individual who is claimed to be a woman of that name.”

“There has been another twist in the last hour, with a woman called Laura Bryce wanting to speak to reporters:”

“What are they doing to my Cassidy? She’s been kidnapped and you are all calling her Cassandra, when she’s my daughter Cassidy. Why isn’t anyone doing anything? She isn’t some agent, she’s in charge of a store. I don’t know who this Madam Sǐwáng is, but she’s got the wrong woman. Please, just let my daughter go.”

“Just after Laura Bryce spoke to reporters concerning the present matter, a large black limousine stopped and several black suited men spoke to her before helping her into the vehicle, with one of them addressing the reporters:”

“Miss Bryce has nothing more to say on this matter.”

“The individual did not answer any questions by the reporters as he entered the vehicle, and the car sped away within a few seconds. Is this woman Cassandra Blake, an agent of the CSIS, is she a hapless store lady by the name of Cassidy Bryce, or just some random victim caught up in a sick game? However the big question is what is going to happen to the victim? Is she-.“

The recording stopped as Madam Sǐwáng pressed the icon on the tablet for a second time. “I do not want you to listen to the next part, as you may find it a little uncomfortable.”

Mum, that was you on the news report, I’m so sorry that I put you through all of this. I should never have gone to that building.

“I must say that your fake mother was quite convincing on the news tonight, and for a moment I thought that I might have kidnapped the wrong person.” The lady said. “However, your intelligence agency did ruin it by turning up and taking her away. It is a pity as I wanted to hear what else she had to say. Please don’t tell me that you are still trying to pretend that you are a poor little shopkeeper who has been captured by mistake.”

Cassidy shivered as she felt the right hand of her captor caress her hair, but she nodded in the hope that her captor will believe her and let her go free. I haven’t done anything to you, so you will have no reason to keep me here.

“Why don’t you give up, Cassandra. Even your own people have given the game away.”

D027: Just suppose for the sake of argument, what if a mistake has been made and this is not Cassandra Blake?

“This is Cassandra Blake as the agents who worked out her cover were so lazy that they were negligent, but I will answer your question. If this was some poor innocent lady who has been questioned by mistake, then I have no more reason to keep her here.”

Oh great, you’ll let me go then. What are you doing? There was a yelp from the helpless lady as her abductor put her right hand around the bound woman’s throat.

D027: So you will free her then?

“I will free her, but as seeing that she would have caused me disappointment, I would free her from life itself. After all, I would not want her misery to continue because she has suffered so much by my hand, anyway.”

OMG, if I convince you that I am not the person that you want, then I will end up dead!  Because of your state of mind, you will want revenge on me for destroying your illusion, so if I am to have any chance of survival, I will have to pretend to be Cassandra Blake. I just hope that someone finds me in time.

“Anyway Cassandra, me and my two hench-ladies are off to get some rest. I will see you in the morning for some more entertainment at your expense. I would wish you sweet dreams, but I doubt that you will sleep at all in your present state of bondage. If you want to pass the time you can always look at the screen and read the comments.”

For the love of- please don’t leave me like this, please have mercy on me!

“Begging, Cassandra? Oh, your standards have really fallen since last time we met. I remember when you would rather die than beg, but maybe it is because I have been more effective with tormenting you than I realised. Goodnight, slave.” Madam Sǐwáng turned around and walked away with her two companions following her, and the helpless prisoner listened as a door opened and closed.

I’m stuck here, I’m helpless and immobilised and I’m going to stay like this all night long…

Any rest was impossible for the captive, even though she closed her eyes so she ended up looking at the monitor as even reading the unpleasant comments was a way of passing the time.

S515: HOLD

What was that? Just one word? After several more texts by various people there was a second line.

S515: ON

Is there a message forming?

S515: I
S515: WILL
S515: FIND
S515: YOU

You are hiding single words against a flood of other messages. OMG, someone knows that it is me, and is looking for me!

S515: FOR
S515: MORE

Who is this S515? I almost looks as if someone is trying to make up a word with the username.

S515: SHE
S515: WILL
S515: NOT
S515: WIN

I just hope that this isn’t another of Madam Sǐwáng’s tricks. She would do something like this to break me further.

S515: GOT
S515: TO
S515: GO

No, please don’t go! I’ll be alone again! Although the prisoner looked at the screen, there were no more entries by S515…

Cassidy didn’t how long she had been left alone in her position of torment, and she ended up ignoring the footsteps that approached her until the two assistants walked into her limited field of view.

“Madam Sǐwáng instructed us to change your position to one that will allow you to sleep for the rest of the night.” Kǒngbù said. “Please note that if you cause us any trouble then we will tie you up in a way that will make you beg to be bound like this. Do you understand?”

I just want to get some rest, I won’t fight you. A nod from the captive indicated that she was willing to cooperate with her captors and Kǎodǎ removed the two pieces of string that kept her head turned to the right. It is such a relief to turn my head around again, thank you. The frogtie ropes were removed from her thighs and ankles before  the cords that connected her knees to the corners of the bed were untied along with the end of the rope that was tied to the head of the bed. Both of the ladies took hold of the immobile prisoner so that it would be easier to roll her into a face down position, and it only took a few moments for the hogtie rope to be removed which brought relief to the captive as her back was no longer arched.

That feels so good, but I know that I am not going to be freed. After a few seconds the prisoner felt the loosening of the cords around her elbows, before her wrists were freed from the rope that bound them together and she was rolled over so that she was on her back again with her arms in front of her.

“Place your arms in the air with your hands together.” Kǎodǎ said.

I know that my relative freedom would only be for a few seconds. Cassidy held her arms up in the air as instructed with Kǎodǎ binding her wrists while Kǒngbù tied her elbows together so that they touched. Each rope was wrapped around eight times with three cinches added which tightened the rope so that it pressed into the captive’s skin with the ends tied together.

Even though this is strict, it will be far more comfortable than with my arms bound behind my back. What is Kǒngbù doing with that bamboo pole? Are you going to use it as part of my bondage? While the pole was being picked up, Kǎodǎ took hold of the captive’s feet so that they were lifted into the air before taking her arms and lying them between her thighs. Kǒngbù placed the pole at the back of the captive’s knees before Kǎodǎ hooked the prisoner’s arms around the pole so that her elbows pressed against it from the other side. My limbs are wrapped around the pole, but I can unravel myself whenever I want to though.

“It is time to make our slave more secure.” Kǒngbù said as she tied one end of a piece of rope to the wrists of the helpless woman, before taking the other end up to the head of the bed and attaching it to the top horizontal bar. While this was happening, Kǎodǎ bound one end of a cord to Cassidy’s ankles, with the free part looped around the upper bar at the foot of the bed where it was tied with a secure knot.

I’m on my back and just as stuck as before, but at least it’s much better than before. What are you two ladies giggling at? Oh no! There was a reddening of the captive’s cheeks as she discovered that her panty clad bottom almost filled the part of the monitor that relayed the image from the camera at the foot of the bed. This is even worse than before!

“It seems that our prisoner has discovered that she is providing the world with a top rate view of her panties.” Kǒngbù said. “Her expression is priceless.”

“We should leave her to get some rest though, because she will not be any fun if she is tired out.” Kǎodǎ said. “Let’s go and get some rest ourselves.”

Cassidy watched the two ladies as they left the room with them closing the door behind them, and even though her position was awkward, her state of exhaustion caused her to fall asleep…

(To Be Continued)

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