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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cassidy’s Kidnapping Part 13

“Kǎodǎ, Kǒngbù, you two will sit at your desks for the time being, while I sort out Cassandra.” As the two accomplices made their way to their desks, Cassidy noticed that they appeared to be apprehensive and the duo winced when they sat down even though they tried to be as gentle as possible.

That must have been some punishment that you delivered to them if they find it painful to sit down, and I don’t think that this was part of whatever Madam Sǐwáng had planned. Why did she react in such a way, though? I have suffered public humiliation which has brought me to tears, and the use of ropes on my body could only be described as torment and torture, yet a simple act of exposing my bottom brought out a different side of her. I don’t think that she is insane, but she is a very complex woman and from what I have heard so far, she may have a reason to be angry at Cassandra. Ironically, she may have end up having her revenge against this Cassandra as this women will have to watch as I am tormented in her place. I know that this would hurt me to the core if I was the one having to look at this. Here she comes now. Cassidy became worried as her captor walked up to her and she started to struggle in her bonds, but she was surprised when the madam unbuttoned her dress from the hem to the hips, before sitting astride the chair so that she could face her prisoner.

“I’m sorry about the behaviour of my assistants, as they went too far on this occasion.” Madam Sǐwáng said as she embraced the helpless lady. “Even though I am very angry at you for what you did to me, there are some lines that I will never cross, unless they are crossed by others first. Oh, your darling stockings are all covered up again, but I haven’t the heart to show them to the world this time.”

I don’t think that this is about the world, you are the one who wants to see me in a more sexy light. If it makes you like me more, then I should encourage you to move my dress up a little. Hoping that the kidnapper would understand her, Cassidy tried to say “Show them off.” through her gag several times, and after a few goes it seemed as if the woman realised what she was trying to say.

“You want me to show your pretty and sexy legs to everyone? Are you sure?” There was a nod from the bound ‘schoolgirl’ to confirm this, so the woman gripped the hem with her hands before pulling it up so that that helpless lady’s bare flesh at the top of her stockings was exposed. A moment later, the prisoner was surprised when her thighs were caressed by the lady who took great delight in running her fingers over the tied up captive. “Don’t think that I will go easy on you, though, as you were the one who hurt and betrayed me. After all, you were the one who came to me, demanded that I do this and that, and when I didn’t do as you wanted straight away, you spat out filthy insults and slapped me across the face, which caused the fight that ended when you blew my face away.”

If what I’m hearing is correct, then Cassandra is in a responsible for this whole mess, and that I am the innocent victim because of her?

“The worst thing about the situation is that you were right about this group who were smuggling goods for me, and that they were smuggling women against their will. After my assistants led the team that rescued the women, they waited long enough to make sure that the ladies got their revenge. I heard that it took one of the men three days to die, but most of the women had very personal reasons to make it take that long. If only you had approached me as you had before and not treated me like some excrement on the ground that you had stepped in.”

If what I heard is true, then complex is an understatement. It almost sounds as if your feelings for Cassandra are very strong, and your anger is equally strong as a result. I hope that I live long enough to know the truth about what is going on, as I’m finding it hard to condemn the woman who is holding me prisoner.

“You two ladies, see if there lunch is ready. If it is, bring Cassandra and me a large plate with a fork on it.” The madam said as she cuddled the prisoner before planting little kisses on her cheek, and the two ladies left the room. “However, all kidnap victims need to eat so that they can keep their strength up.” The woman said as she placed her mouth close to the ear of her victim. “I don’t want you to be too weak before I set you free.”

After a few minutes had gone by, Kǒngbù returned with a plate that had mashed potatoes, sliced up sausages and onion gravy, and the leader untied the rope gag that had been a source of torment to the helpless lady “Thank you Kǒngbù, you may eat your meal and return when you are finished.” The accomplice left the room as the madam began to speak again. “You are not to speak while I feed you, if you do the meal will end. Do you understand?”

There was a nod from Cassidy to show that she understood the instructions of the woman, and the captive opened her mouth so that she could receive the first mouthful of food. For a basic meal, it tasted good and was very enjoyable and she wondered if it was her own hunger or whether the food was prepared well, but she enjoyed it as both ladies ate off the same plate until it was clean.

As the captive sat there after the meal, Kǎodǎ walked in, and took the plate from her leader so that it could be taken to the other room before both girls returned to the fake classroom. “After another half hour which will allow your stomach to settle, you will take a bathroom break before changing into your new costume. Do not try to give us any trouble when this happens, otherwise you will be in big trouble.” Madam Sǐwáng said, and the captive nodded in response.

 I wonder what costume you have in store for me next, and what will the theme be? When I was the French Maid, you were the Mistress and I had to clean the place. When I was in the nightdress, I had to go to bed, and I have been attending school as the schoolgirl. Cassidy rested in her chair with her captor providing gentle caresses until the end of the allotted time, and all three women helped with untying the captive so that she was free. Trying to escape will prove to be a very bad idea, especially as my freedom has been promised, and I do not think that my captor is one who will go back on her word.

“After you get changed, wait in the room until there is a knock on the door, then come out after thirty seconds has passed.” Although the three started to walk towards their own room, Cassidy decided that any attempt to escape would be foolish at best, and she went to the toilet so that she could take her break.

Once she left this room so that she could move to the room that would contain her new clothes, there was no one in site, but she knew that the cameras would be watching her every move. When the lady entered the room and closed the door behind her, she looked into the red bag which contained her new costume and she laughed for a second before she understood the theme that would go with it. I doubt that anything that I have gone through so far is going to prepare me for this, but I daren’t push Madam Sǐwáng past her limits in her present stage of anger. If I refuse to wear this, she might just strip me of my uniform, or even use her assistants to force me into the new outfit in that warehouse and in front of the world. I don’t want to end up naked in front of everyone, so I had better get changed.

As the lady felt that she should get this over quickly, she stripped off her schoolgirl clothing before putting it into the grey bag which was put to one side, and she opened the red bag so that she could change into her new outfit, even though she felt that she would look ridiculous in it. Once Cassidy had finished with putting on all of the clothing and accessories, she decided to look in the mirror so that she could see just how it all looked together.

It looks quite good once everything is in place, and it would even count as an original costume at a convention. The red knee length soft leather boots are just my size, the stiletto heels are great, and the white circle with the red maple leaf to the sides of the boots at the top make a nice motif. My elbow length gloves are also of the same red leather with the same motif, and the white spandex tights have little red maple leaves going down the sides of my legs. The main part of the costume is the legless spandex bodysuit with long sleeves, with the sleeves being white plus it has the same red leaves going down the sides of the arms, and on my chest is a white circle with a large red maple leaf inside. The white belt around my waist has a red maple leaf buckle, and I even have a red domino mask with an elasticated band that goes around my head. This makes a very impressive superheroine costume, but Madam Sǐwáng and her aides are bound to be dressed as villains. If they are going to capture me, I will not make it easy for them, which will be ironic as it will be in keeping with the theme.

A knock on the door broke the captive out of her state of reverie, so she waited for half a minute before she opened the door so that she could step out, and it appeared as if her captors were as surprised by her outfit as she was by theirs. Kǎodǎ and Kǒngbù looked incredible in their black vinyl catsuits, and they had accompanying knee length stiletto heeled boots along with domino masks with large black belts, but it was Madam Sǐwáng’s outfit that took Cassidy’s breath away. Her kidnapper was wearing a sleeveless and legless black patent leather bodysuit, and the visible parts of her thighs were covered in sheer black pantyhose. The reason that only a small amount of her legs could be seen was because she was wearing thigh high length black patent stiletto boots, and her arms were covered in gloves of the same material that went almost up to her shoulders. Just a small area of her face was covered by a domino mask, but this seemed to enhance her beauty, rather than be a distraction as the trio walked up to the trembling heroine.

“Good afternoon, Captain Canada.” Madam Sǐwáng said. “I am Lady Death, and these girls are my associates, Terror and Torture. It seems that you have discovered my lair. Well, that will prove to be your undoing as no one has ever escaped alive. Ladies, get her!”

As soon as the two catsuited ladies took a step towards Cassidy, she turned and ran away as fast as she could, but the lady discovered that she was hampered by her high stiletto heels which made it very awkward for her to run. The pursuers were far more experienced at running in these types of boots, so it came as no surprise for her to be captured in a few seconds and the woman was forced to lie prone on the floor. Kǒngbù, who was now called Terror, was sitting astride the captive’s knees so that she could hold onto the flailing feet, and Kǎodǎ or Torture was sitting on the prisoner’s back while holding onto her hands.

“Thank you ladies.” Death said as she picked up a large black bag before walking up to the struggling but helpless captive. “I didn’t expect to be this easy, but perhaps Captain Canada has been overrated as a heroine. Now I have to securely bind her so that she will be unable to escape. Torture, place her hands together palm to palm.” Once the leader was at the helpless lady, she opened the bag and took out a long coil of thin black rope along with a knife before kneeling on the right side of the captive.

That looks more like thick string, rather than rope. That can’t be safe to use!

“This is quarter inch rope, Ms. Canada, and I doubt that you have tried to escape from this before.” She said as she wrapped the thin rope twelve times around the lady’s wrists before applying four tight cinches which caused the cord to bite hard and cutting the coil so that she could knot the ends together. “You are not escaping from me.” Cassidy’s legs were held down while the kidnapper wrapped the same number of winds around her ankles with five cinches added to secure them, and the cord was cut with the ends tied off.

The captive was horrified when her kidnapper took a new item out of the bag before kneeling in front of her, and she noticed her neck had one of Torture’s arms around it. “Open wide, Captain, unless you would like Torture to persuade you.”

I can’t fit that ball into my mouth, it’s bigger than the one I had to sleep in! As soon as the prisoner shook her head, there was a sharp pressure on her neck which made her feel as if she was going to pass out. You’ve got a choke hold on me! If I don’t surrender, I’ll be made to pass out anyway. A series of frantic nods by the helpless lady caused the pressure on her neck to be reduced, and she opened her mouth wide so that the large black wiffle ball of the harness gag with could be forced into her mouth. Even with her cooperating, it took more than a few seconds for the ball to be inserted, and the main straps went around to the back of her neck where they were buckled to the tightest notch possible. The inverted Y-strap went over the head where it was buckled into place, before two straps under her chin were also buckled together which forced her jaws against the ball.

This is horrible, it feels as if my jaw is going to break and the straps are biting into me!

“Torture, help me get Captain Canada back on her feet. Terror, get a monitor and hand held camera so that our prisoner can see what is happening.” As the bound and gagged woman was lifted onto her feet, Terror left and returned with the monitor cabinet which was placed in front of Cassidy, along with a camera.

Cassidy’s fingers were forced into a prayer position, before Death used the thin rope to bind her fingers and thumbs together so that they were locked in place with the captive watching it on the screen. I won’t be able to use my hands to do anything now, you’ve even tied up my fingers and thumbs! Next, the leader wrapped the cord twelve times around the arches of the prisoner’s feet before adding six cinches and securing the cord. It was the heels of the helpless lady to be bound next, as a web was wrapped around her boots at this point, and the captive realised just how locked together her feet had become. The prisoner’s arms were forced together by the two accomplices so that her elbows touched, one end of a coil was tied to the wrists of the captive and taken up about an inch, where five loops were wound with two cinches to secure it. This was repeated every inch up the helpless lady’s forearms until her elbows were reached, and the remainder of the cord was looped around and cinched above the elbows. The monitor shows that most of my lower arms are covered in rope and it’s digging into me. It’s almost as if they have been partially mummified.

One end of another length of black cord was bound to her ankles, and this was lifted up an inch before the same five loops were wind around her legs with the two applied cinches, and this went up in stages to the tops of her thighs where the final winds were added. I cannot shuffle anywhere like this and I doubt that I will even be able to jump about.

“Force Captain Canada to her knees and tie a length of rope from her wrists to her ankles.” The Lady instructed, and the helpless woman looked on in fear as the two aides forced the prisoner to her knees before binding her wrists and ankles together so that she was locked into a kneeling hogtie. “You look so lovely like this, Captain Canada, bound and gagged with you kneeling at my feet. I am going to have a little fun with you, but I know better than to take too long as that will give you a chance to escape, and all of the previous villains made that mistake.”

“You see, I have some nice little death traps lined up just for you. I hope that you will make the most of the very short time that you have left!”

Please, you can’t do this to me! I thought you were going to let me go on Thursday!

(To Be Continued.)

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