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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 7

Stop it, stop it, stop it! As the helpless captive squirmed on the pole in her torment, she was surprised to discover that instead of screaming out through her nose, all she could do was produce a low-volume whining sound. No! Wewilbeseenwewillbeseen. After about thirty seconds, the lady’s chest heaved because she was unable to inhale or exhale to any degree due to the effects of the tickling, so her struggles developed a greater sense of urgency.

Once about ten more seconds had passed, the tickling stopped and Kendra’s voice whispered into her ear. “The pressure of the tape over the bridge of your nose pushes it down so that your nostrils are flattened. This is turn only allows so much air to flow through and a good scream requires the free flow of air, so you are unable to make a loud noise. This adds a further torment to the tickling as you cannot breathe effectively as it goes on. Prepare yourself.”

Pleasepleaseplease. There was another low whine from the bound nude as her feet were tormented by the fingers of her captor, and within half a minute she felt dizzy as her chest started to burn again. When the tickling stopped for a second time, the prisoner was aware of footsteps going up the path and the sound of a door closing which meant that the neighbour had gone back inside. We must have been lucky this time. Kendra, you are taking a very dangerous risk with us.

“Don’t worry about the lady who lives next door, she only seems to be interested in spying on the other family, and not on us. I think that she has some sort of grudge against them, and every time she goes out, it’s almost as if she ignores our side. There have been quite a few days when myself or Diana have been tied up naked in the garden and we have ended up having an orgasm with her outside. This time you will be tickled for an extra twenty seconds, so make sure that you are full of air.”

Petra took as many full breaths as she could before she was tickled again, and she tried to scream as her feet suffered the attack by her captor’s fingers as the nails raked over her sensitive skin. It wasn’t long before she needed to breathe and she was becoming light headed in her struggles, as her actions consumed the little air that was contained within her. Once the minute of torture was over, she concentrated on taking deep and steady breaths as trying to inhale at a fast rate was impossible.

“By the way, the only thing you should really worry about is the path that goes past the end of the gardens along here, because if someone looks in through the gate, they will get a good view of what is happening. That has never happened though, as people generally are more interested in where they are going, so there’s no chance of that unless someone is being very nosey. Now, let’s see some more struggling.”

No, please, nonononono! It seemed to the helpless lady that her world existed of the torture that was applied to her feet along with a chest that wanted to burst as taking a proper lungful of air was denied to her. Once this minute was over, a quiet moan escaped her depressed nose and she discovered that there was a warm, damp feeling between her legs. Just how many times am I going to end up becoming aroused? I felt like this when you put the nipple clamps on me, but it went out of my mind when I was led outside and tied to the pole.

“It seems as though I have warmed up my nude captive, so maybe I should stop your tickling for a little while. You also need to learn endurance in suffering from erotic teasing and orgasm denial, as this is going to become a very regular occurrence over the long weekend. My niece is good with her feet as I think you have discovered, but I have a different talent.”

Another moan escaped the bound woman’s nose as the tongue of her captor traced little figure of eights over the soles of her feet, with just enough pressure to let her feel as if she was being tickled. As the minutes passed, the embers of desire between her legs grew into a small flame which caused her to writhe a little in her bonds as she received her sensual treatment.

“Well all love playing with feet and yours are delightful, Petra, but we mustn’t ignore other areas of the body as they can be just as much fun.”

The captive found herself emitting a moan of discontent as the treatment of her feet stopped, but this was erased from her mind when Kendra’s tongue pressed down on the mound of her right breast, with the bound woman enjoying the new sensation. This was followed by the tongue slipping between the bottom of her mound and her chest, tantalising this location for several minutes before moving over and repeating this process on her left breast. It seems that your talent is with your tongue. This feels so gentle and pleasant, but if I understand correctly I am not going to receive an orgasm for some time.

The tongue moved over the entire area of the captive’s left breast except for the most sensitive location where the clamps were attached and she ended up squealing a few times went the chain was pushed by the appendage of her captor. Her right breast received the same treatment as Kendra caressed her body, and she was pleasured along with a little torment with the clamp being touched a few times.

“Bite into the ball in your gag as this may tingle a little.”

Petra attention was drawn to her nipples where she felt a pain as the clamps were touched and then she bit hard as the screws were turned which released the flesh that had been crushed. Holy sweet! Tingle a little? That must have been an understatement in ever I’ve heard one. It would have been better for me if you had left them on. Oh, that’s much better. Fingertips ran over her nipples as her breasts were massaged by her captor who wanted to make sure that the blood supply would be unimpeded and that there was no damage.

“Taking them off is the worst part of it, if you’ve had to wear them for a while. Are you okay now?”

Yes, the pain has gone in general although there is a little throbbing, but I think that my mini mounds are feeling more than a little sensitive due to their treatment. There was a single nod from the helpless lady as she was suspended on the pole, and she wondered if her breasts would become the centre of attention within a few minutes.

“I think that you are ready for more loving.”

This is nice as well. As Petra waited for her teasing to continue, there was pressure on the areola of her right breast as a little circle was drawn around her nipple by the tongue of her captor, and the lady moaned as the flame of her lust became more intense. Soon, attention was turned to her left breast and she writhed in her ropes with her wrists pulling at her bonds, as she desired to touch and caress her own body. Please let me help by allowing me to stroke myself.

“I can see that you are finding this to be a very pleasurable experience, my pretty Petra. Now, there’s one area that I need to work on but really it should be two.”

This comment was punctuated by an almost mute squeal from the naked prisoner as her erect nipple was flicked by the tongue of the lady who controlled her and the slight pain mixed with the pleasure, with it almost seeming to amplify the effect. Another sound escaped from the captive when her left nipple received the same treatment, and she noticed that her hips were twitching at every little touch as her flame of need affected her movements. Soon, her nipples were sucked into her captor’s mouth and the helpless woman tried to force her body away from the pole as her tiny mountains were licked and teased, with her quiet moaning becoming an almost constant accompaniment to her movements.

Please, I hope that you don’t leave me in denial after this, I don’t think that I can stand it! The tongue moved down from her chest to her abdomen where it stopped for a minute, as her navel was licked and probed before it traced a path to the top of her Mound of Venus. Petra wished that she could scream at this point, and she felt stifled at being unable to vocalise the strong feeling inside her, and as the tongue started to caress her Mound, she noticed that her captor’s hands were stroking her feet. Please, please, give me more! The fingers running over the top of her feet were increasing her level of arousal as much as the tongue that stroked the most intimate part of her external flesh, and she felt as if she had lost control of her body as it writhed and twitched in response to the touches that it experienced.

Move your tongue down just a little more, take it down there. The fingers went between the gaps in the helpless woman’s toes which stimulated her still further, as the tongue moved down to that little point at the top of her legs and pressed against the lips that were the gateway to her lust. Finish me off, please! As her toes received their caress, the folds of her intimate flesh were touched and she felt as if her release was going to happen in a few seconds.

It was a good thing that the tape over Petra’s nose was effective in helping to keep her quiet, as she would have alerted everyone in the street to her presence with loud screams when Kendra stopped the erotic teasing.

No, please for the love of, come back here and finish me.

“I did warn you about the orgasm denial and that you would have to learn how to cope.”

Cope? How can I cope with this? My entire body feels as if it is on fire, and I need you to help me. Please, please help me.  Petra started to try and make pleading sounds In the hope that her captor would take pity on her, as needing her release was the only thing on her mind at this time.

“You do look wonderful like this, my pretty Petra, squirming around in your bonds on the pole. There is no escape from your denial, so you should learn how to surrender yourself to the feelings inside of you and accept your predicament.”

Why can’t you just satisfy the need inside me, please that’s all you have to do. The tormented lady did her best to accept the fact that her body was crying out for release, but it seemed as if the need would never diminish. It did start to decline after some time though, and her squirming stopped along with the begging as her lust shrank to a point where she was no longer tormented as much. At least this is a level that I can cope with, and hopefully it will get easier as I stay here. What are you doing now? Oh no!

Fingers stroked the soles of her feet as the tongue of her captor caressed the Mound that covered the source of her desire, and it seemed to her as if Kendra had poured fuel onto the flame that burnt within her, with the prisoner unable to do anything other than whine in frustration. Her lips of ecstasy were touched and stroked, and she felt as if she was going to reach her goal when the woman in control of her stopped again.

You did this just to make sure that I would be tormented all over again! You are torturing me with pleasure, and I can’t do anything about it.

“You need to get used to this, as we will be doing this for a little while yet.”

How long are you going to carry on teasing and tormenting me like this? As soon and the level of desire dropped in the helpless lady and she was able to relax a little, the process of erotic caressing began again with the bound Petra being driven to distraction by her situation, with it happening again and again to the point where her world was one of a excruciating pleasure.

“Would you like a release from you torture now, because I will give it to you if you want?”

Yes, I need you to bring an end to my suffering. Just love me and bring my lust to its peak. There were vigorous nods from the helpless lady as she was driven to desperation by the need inside her.

“Okay, just give me a few seconds to prepare.”

Prepare? Why would you need to prepare? Arrrrrrgh! It felt to the captive as if her body tried to arch in its bonds as the blast of cold water hit her at the top of the legs before covering the rest of her body. A hosepipe! You’re using a hosepipe on me and I’m getting drenched.

“I did promise you a release from your torment, but I didn’t say how.” Kendra said as the water was being splashed over the body of the helpless woman. “I think that a cold shower like this should be sufficient for your needs.”

The impact of water against the captive stopped but she felt the cold liquid continue to run down her body as she began to shiver in reaction to the temperature of the water. That was so mean of you, doing that to me but at least you have put out most of my fire, leaving just a little glow.

“Now, I think that you should have a little rest after your ordeal. Now, you can either offer no resistance as I tie you to a sun bed or I will provide more erotic teasing on the pole for the next hour. Would you prefer the sun bed?”

I don’t think that I can take another hour of this, and resting on my back would be preferable as some of these ropes are starting to bite into me. There was a nod from the helpless lady which let Kendra know that she was compliant.

“Good. I’ll get started on freeing you, and soon you’ll be able to have some rest.” The rope that bound Petra’s ankles to her wrists were untied which allowed her to lower her feet to the ground before the bonds connecting her ankles together were removed.

At least I have the relief of standing on my feet again. The ropes that bound her body to the pole were untied along with her wrists and elbows which only left the ropes around her thighs, but Petra wasn’t in any kind of mood to even pretend to put up a fight as she was led to another point in the garden. She was helped to lie down in a supine position on a sun bed, and her right hand was taken above her head to the right where cord was wrapped ten times around her wrist and the metal fame, with four cinches applied to tighten her bonds. Her left wrist was placed into a similar position on her other side and bound into place in the same manner, before the bonds around her thighs were untied so that her legs could be spread apart, with each one bound into place so that she was restrained in a spreadeagle position.

“This is just in case you are still aroused from the teasing, my sweet slave.”

What are you going to do to me? No! There was a dull sound from the helpless captive as she was hit by the spray of cold water that came out of the end of the hose, and the poor lady struggled in her bonds as she suffered a second soaking at Kendra’s hands. Her arms were the first place to be hit by the liquid and this was followed by her legs with the soles of her feet getting special attention from her captor. She tried to squeal as her body was soaked for a second time by her captor, with her chest being the first area hit before her abdomen was targeted and the hose was trained on her for several more minutes.

“I don’t want you to end up with hypothermia, so that’s enough for the moment. You can relax now, Petra, and I’ll see you in an hour or so to check that you are okay. You look as if you could do with a rest after the way that I have tormented you.” Kendra said, and there was a soft kiss on the forehead of the captive. “Enjoy yourself.”

As the helpless woman lay on the bed, she listened to the footsteps of her captor who walked up the path towards the house, which was followed by the sound of the door opening and closing. I’m all alone for a while then, but at least I’m not being tormented by my own lust and I can dry out quicker as I’m laid out in the sun. While Petra rested in her bondage on the bed, the warm breeze and the soft scent of the flowers lured the woman into a state where she was relaxed and half asleep...

What’s that? Oh my, someone is walking up the path going along the end of the gardens. I hope that whoever it is doesn’t look into this garden, or I’m going to be in danger. The woman pulled against her bonds with the footsteps becoming louder as the traveller moved along the path, but the movement stopped at the back of Kendra’s house. There was a pause of a few seconds before there was a sound that was almost like a woman’s gasp before there was a clanking of metal that was familiar to the captive because she had fumbled with a metal gate before.

I’ve been seen! Whoever this is, is trying to get into the garden and I am defenceless. I cannot even call for help in my current predicament either. The gate swung open but the footsteps were quieter as the person approached the frightened captive, who knew that she could do nothing to protect herself from this stranger. Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me. Petra was shaking in her bonds as the footsteps stopped once they were beside her, and she was imagining all kinds of horrible fates that would be inflicted on her by this intruder.

There was the fall of hair onto her face as the bound lady heard a whisper that was just about audible. “These must be really evil people to leave you like this, and you are obviously terrified. Don’t worry, you’re going to be safe now, I’ll free you once I call the police.”

There was a shaking of the head by the captive as she struggled in her bonds. No, you can’t call the police, we’ll all get into trouble!

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