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Monday, 17 November 2014

Iris - A New Day Part 10 of 12

“We are going back into the house, and I’ll leave the kitchen door ajar for you for when you get there. It shouldn’t take you too long to get inside.” Mistress Dee straightened up, turned around, and walked along the path to the house with her high heels making a clicking sound against the stone slabs as she disappeared into the darkness.

It would take less than half a minute for my captor to reach the safety of the kitchen and I saw the light from the open doorway reflect off the far garden fence for a few seconds as she made her way into the building. This was to be my latest torture as I was naked, bound and gagged with my legs frogtaped, and I was about as far away as possible from the kitchen door at night, with a clear sky that meant it was going to get colder before very long. I turned my head to the left and saw Orion striding over the back fence with shield in one hand and a club in the other as he prepared to do battle with Taurus the bull.

The sky was crystal clear, and the one thing that I was thankful for was that the moon was past full giving me the chance to be in the house long before it rose, so at least my bondage captivity would not be illuminated. Dew was starting to collect on the grass which would mean that I had that to contend with as well on my long journey to the house, and I meant long as it would be quicker to walk several miles than to reach the door in my present state of restraint.

I looked again at the constellation and it was easy to see his sword hanging between his legs with the glow of the nebula showing where the end was. Well, they call it a sword, but if he had such a useful weapon why is he fighting with a club? It’s a pretty short sword because it only reaches half way to his knees, so maybe it’s only useful for poking things. To be honest, I thought that it was called a sword so that they can avoid awkward questions from children, as that part of the constellation has more to do with what was stuffed inside me than an actual sword. No wonder that Virgo is nearly on the other side it the sky as she wouldn’t be a virgin for much longer if she was near Orion.

After a few more seconds had passed I comprehended that this was just a means of distracting myself from the matter at hand, and my concentration needed to be applied to my present problem of getting back to the house. Moving forward by shuffling on my knees was the only means of locomotion that was available to me, as my wrists were tied to my body by the crotch rope which prevented them from being of any real help. Although this was the best option, it would still require me to work hard to travel a small distance, and I would need to take a break every so often in order to recover my strength.

All this thought about what was needed in order to arrive at the kitchen door wasn’t getting me anywhere near my goal, so it was time for me to make the first so-called step on my arduous journey. I took a deep breath, or as deep as possible given that it was hard to get air past the gag in my mouth, and moved forward as best I could on my right leg so that I could cross a few inches off my journey. It was at this point that I discovered just how devious my Mistress had been, for as soon as I moved my right leg my arms made an involuntary response which pulled on the end of the crotch rope. This in turn pulled the rest of the rope tight, with the part of the cord that went through the eyelet pressing up so that it pushed the dildo into me, rubbing against my tunnel in the process and lighting the lust between my thighs.

In this way I found out that my task was a double torment, as every little part of my walk would result in the increase of my arousal, and if I wasn’t careful enough I could go over the edge into orgasm with my screams giving me away if anyone was outside. The only certainty in avoiding this was staying in place until my time was up, but the evening was starting to get cooler and a breeze had sprung up which was going to add to the chill that I would have to endure for the next three hours.

There was no choice but to take the chance as I tried to get back inside, so I stepped forward with my left leg with the result that the most intimate part of my body was caressed with the shaft of plastic that was inside me. My situation was not going to get any better, so the only option was to keep going on with these little steps until I needed to stop for one reason or another. After about five minutes of shuffling along the grass the muscles in my legs began to ache, so I thought that it would be best to take a few minutes break before continuing in my travels towards the door and safety. There was the other ache to consider, and that was the one in my loins which was the result of all the little thrusts that had occurred whenever I moved, but this one did not lessen when the feelings in my legs did.

Once the ache in my legs diminished I decided to move on, and again the forward progress equated to multiple forced penetrations of my restrained body, which increased the level of arousal in my centre of desire as the plastic slid up and down. Before long I had to take another rest, as the last thing I needed was the possibility of my legs cramping up, but the feeling of desire between my thighs did not diminish during my second stop. This brought a new worry to me, because if this present situation continued without change, there was the very real chance that I would collapse in orgasm before I reached the door into the house.

This stop was longer than the previous one as my legs were aching a little more, but I moved on as soon as I was able, although the thought that I wouldn’t get back in time grew in my mind as the shaft in my tunnel provided a constant reminder of my plight. Long before I reached my peak, there would be the moans, and if these were heard someone might want to investigate with the result that they would find a naked woman in bondage trying to make her way along a garden to the house.

Another stop had to be made for the sake of my lower limbs, but I noticed that I was squirming a little which caused the phallus to press into me and increase my flame of lust. It took willpower on my part to keep still in order that I might prevent any further stimulation of my libido, this added to my worries as there was the chance that I could lose control and encourage my arousal in a very active manner.

It was during my next move that my arms were reaching out as much as they could, and increasing the effect that the dildo was having on my sheath of need, forcing me to hold my hands in place as I was moving forward. I needed to find some way of distracting myself from this expanding sensation of desire, but the only thing I could concentrate on was the growing ache in my thighs and claves as I took the slow route to safety. As I halted my progress the pain decreased, but this had the effect of making the strength of my sexual flame clear to me, and it was calling out for more stimulation as I tried to remain still in the damp, cold grass.

The feeling of lust increased as I took more shuffles toward my goal, and I wondered how far I could push my legs before cramp set in, as the suffering at least masked my desire for the moment. However, I knew that I had to be careful because I could cramp up if I pushed myself too far, and that would give me away just as much as if I had experienced an explosion of joy. The point was reached where I had to stop because I felt that I was right at the limit, but all the pain did was mask the lust for a little longer, but there was still the delay until I could take further steps.

By this time, I had reached the top of the garden, where the stone path ran alongside the flower bed which was up against the house, and I was thinking about using the harshness of the stone slabs to help distract me from my fire between my legs, as I could always move back off it proved to be too much for me. Moving onto the path was very uncomfortable, as the slabs where unyielding against my knees, and the rock didn’t allow any give for my ankles and feet when I moved along.

The irony of the situation was that I preferred the pleasure to the pain, or to be more precise, it was my mind that wanted the discomfort so that I would get back before I was found by someone in my current helplessness. My body was almost screaming at me for attention at this point, and a part of me wanted to surrender to the moment and allow me to obtain my release from my need. This had become my torture, as I had to work against an ever growing desire in my body so that I could get back inside the house, so at least I could surrender to what my body wanted.

I had to make another stop, but this rest showed me just how bad it had become for me as I lost control for a few seconds, with my arms tugging at the crotch rope while I emitted little moans from between my gagged lips. Somehow I managed to regain control of myself, but the fact that this happened with such ease made me realise just how close to the edge I was, and this slip up with my mind let me know that this point much closer than before. When I moved along the path once more, there was a feeling of relief as there was only the kitchen part of the house to pass, and then I could go around the corner and go in through the door.

It was just my luck that when I was about to reach the kitchen area, the lights in the room were turned on and this part of the garden was flooded with illumination.

As I looked left, I could see that the bright area went quite some distance down the garden and as I stared at how far I had to go to avoid the chance of being seen, I noticed that I had been moaning as I rubbed myself with the crotch rope. My level of arousal was such that I could never make it around the long way without going over the edge, which meant that my only other choice was to make it along the lit path.

In order to minimise any possible chance of discovery I would have to move along with as much care as I could and still maintain a fast pace. It took a lot to force myself to shuffle forward into the patch of light, but I managed it and made the slow progress towards the other end and around the corner to safety.

Again it seemed that the world was conspiring against me, as the air above the next house seemed to sparkle when their back garden security light was switched on, and this was the moment when I panicked.

Oh fuck, one of them is going to go into the garden any minute now, and if they try to look over the fence I’m going to be found in the light, bound gagged and naked!

My heart was beating much faster than before as I tried to make my way along the lit part of the path with as much speed as I could muster, and my arms were going as far forward as they could go so that I could gain further traction. These actions, along with the sense of fear and the rush of adrenaline fed the furnace of my lust to such a level that it led to only one inevitable outcome.

Oh no, no, no no! Oh shit, Oh Shit OHSHITSHITSHIT!

The explosion of bliss in my loins spread to the rest of my being, and drove everything else out of my mind as I toppled to my right with my head falling onto a bed of early blooming flowers. I must have made quite a sight as I screamed and convulsed on the path with my bound legs flailing, while my orgasm coursed through me and it seemed to go on forever with each second increasing the possible outcome that I would seen in my situation...

A feeling of utter relief well up in me as I panted through my nose in my post orgasmic bliss, and the thought went through my head that I had been exaggerating the possible chance of my discovery, with the result that I had put myself through an necessary fright. There was the problem of lying on my side and I would have to take a little time in getting back up on my knees, but there would be no problem in going around the corner so that I could reach the entrance to the house.

It was just a few seconds later that I heard a click which was followed by an all too familiar creak, as the back door of my next door neighbour’s house was opened and my heart jumped into my throat as someone could be only a few seconds from finding me in my nude bondage. There was the clear sound of a man’s shoes on a stone path which was accompanied by a rustling sound which I presumed would be a bag of rubbish which he was going to put in the dustbin so that it could be part of Monday’s refuse collection.

I should have thought about this as you are always so predictable. You put the bag of rubbish away just before you and your wife go out for the evening, so once you have done this, I will be free to get back up and go to the door.

My fear was replaced by relief, but this was just for a moment when I felt a terrible itching in my nose, and I remembered about the bed of flowers beneath my head which must have been disturbed when I fell. I’m not prone to hay fever and I don’t know how much pollen had been released but it must have been enough at this range to cause a tremendous irritation of my nasal cavities. My normal response to avoid sneezing when I had such a feeling would be to pinch my nose between thumb and forefinger while breathing through my mouth until the itching had subsided, but this was impossible as my hands were bound. The next door neighbour had lifted the lid on his rubbish bin, placed the bin inside and closed the lid, when I could no longer contain the build up inside me which escaped in a hearty sneeze.

“Who’s there?”

Oh no, I’ve given myself away, and there’s no way that I can escape from this now! You know that I’m here in the garden and you can be nosy at the best of times.

I was frozen in fear with the result that I didn’t even make any attempt to escape, as I listened to the sounds of him walking down the path as he headed towards their garden shed. The rusty metal hinges let out a clear groan as the door was opened and a clanking sound told me that he had picked up the metal ladders that he used around the house. When I could no longer hear his shoes on stone, the clanking got louder which let me know that he was approaching the fence between our two gardens, and the only thing I could do was close my eyes while I begged in my fearful state for something to happen.

Please don’t let him see me! Please don’t let him see me! Please someone, don’t let him see me like this!

There was a loud clank as the ladder was leaned against the fence, and I daren’t breathe as I heard the first step on the ladder, knowing that just a few more would reveal me in my greatest shame ever.

He’s bound to call the police, all hell will break loose and this will end up in the newspapers at the very least.

There was a second step on the ladder...

“Hubert, what the hell are you doing on the ladder?!”

“Delia, I heard a noise from next door, and I was going to investigate.”

“In that case, why didn’t you go around to their front door and let them know that there was something suspicious happening? The real reason is that you wanted to spy on them in their bathing costumes. My God, you can be such a pervert!”

“But Delia-“

“Get in the house right now! If I hear one more word, I’ll tell the next door ladies what you were up to, and it’ll be up to them if they want to call the police! I’ll put the ladder away while you get the car ready for us to go out!”

There was a thud as if he had jumped off the ladder onto the ground and a few seconds later there was the sound of his shoes along the path just before he went into the house. There was a very soft set of clanking sounds for a moment as if the ladder was gripped by someone with a gentle touch, and about ten seconds later there were louder clanks as the ladder was carried back to the shed and placed inside before the door was closed. The clicking of her heels up the path was followed by the closing of the back door, the front door was opened and closed a few minutes later, and the soft click of a car door was accompanied by the vehicle starting up with the noise fading into the distance.

That must have been one of the luckiest moments of my life when Delia saw what her husband was doing, as he is one of the nosiest people on earth while she didn’t have a curious bone in her body, and she helped me dodge the bullet on that night because of her nature. It was several months later that I discovered that my assessment of Delia’s nature was so very wrong, but that is a tale for another time..

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