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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Petra Marsh: The Easter Abduction - Part 6

As the helpless Petra thrashed around in her stringent bondage, she continued to cry out for help with the slim hope that Diana would return and finish providing the relief that she was so desperate for. It seemed to the captive that her whole body was on fire, with the centre of her lust generating a feeling of desire that could best be described as a form of excruciating pleasure. I didn’t know until this morning that my sexual need could end up becoming such a major torture to my helpless body. Please Diana, come back. I need you to help me!

The body of the captive squirmed as her muscles twitched and jerked as a result of the torment that was generated by her state of denied ecstasy, and even her shrieks through the ring-gag failed to provide her with any kind of psychological relief.

It’s no good, Diana and Kendra must have left in the van by now, which means that I am going to suffer the lash of my lust until she returns and that could be for another hour or so. I will have to try and do something on my own if it is at all possible. Maybe if I manage to roll myself onto my front then at least I’ll be able to rub my body against the mattress, and perhaps it will release me from my anguish.

After trying to add a measure of calm back to her mind with a few deep breaths, the helpless lady started to try and rock back and forth so that she would be able to roll over. There was a little motion at the beginning when she began her attempt, but she was unable to make any use of her arms for leverage, and her legs could not provide any help owing to the strict hogtie that she had been placed in. As the nude woman continued with her struggle to roll over, she came to the conclusion that her actions were futile and that she was stuck in her present position.

Unless someone else helps me, I’m going remain like this. I need to release myself from this hogtie, otherwise I’m going to end up becoming mad from my lust.

Petra did her best to concentrate through her desire as she ran her fingers over the hogtie rope, but after a minute or so of checking the lady knew that Diana had been thorough in placing the knots out of her reach. By the time that the bound woman had realised this, panic and desperation set in with her trying to saw away at the rope with her fingernails, thinking that this might help her with her predicament. However, this proved to be just as effective as her previous two actions and after a couple of minutes spent at this futile exercise, the nude in bondage was filled with despair as she knew that her situation was hopeless.

 I’m going to be in such a state when you come back to the house, Diana. The first sob escaped from the throat of the helpless captive, and she wondered how long it would be before she ended up soaking the mattress with her tears of frustration. At this point, even the sound of the door opening did nothing to distract the suffering lady from the torture of her need…

“OMG! Petra!” Kendra said “I didn’t know that it had become this bad for you.”

Kendra! I’d assumed that you would have gone with Diana, so this must mean that she went to the warehouse on her own. None of that matters anyway. Please, I need your help!

“I don’t think that my nice has ever ended up this bad. Don’t worry, my slave, I will help you with your need.”

Petra was sobbing with relief as gentle hands gripped her body before rolling her onto her front, and she expected to have her feet tickled so that she could reach the heights of pleasure. It came as quite a surprise to the tormented captive when she felt the gentle touch of Kendra’s tongue on the soles of her feet, and it seemed that the woman knew the precise points to stoke the fire of desire inside the bound lady.

Oh, you are so good with your tongue, please continue to caress my feet with it. Shriek after shriek was emitted from the open mouth of the helpless Petra who writhed in ecstasy as her captor stroked the feet with her tongue, and soon the lady found that she was on the edge. Oh My GODD! Her cry of pleasure was clear even with the ring-gag in the way as the tidal wave of bliss flowed over her being, and the captive screamed and convulsed as she became oblivious to everything else…

Was it really that strong? The first things that Petra noticed after she roused from her post orgasmic reverie was that she was no longer in a hogtie and that she was lying on her right side on the bed with her gag removed. Even before she could speak however, soft lips pressed against hers as she was held in a gentle embrace by the woman who had sated the lust that had tormented her body. She snuggled against the body of her captor as she returned the kiss, and the fingers of Kendra’s right hand ran through her hair as she relaxed after her ordeal.

After a few minutes had gone by, the pressure on Petra’s lips grew in strength and soon her teeth felt the caress of the tongue of her captor as she ran it back and forth. It only took a few second for the bound nude to respond by parting her teeth and she caressed her captor’s tongue with her own before they intertwined in an embrace that mirrored the hold that Kendra had on her.

This lasted for some time before the helpless Petra felt her captor pulled away from her and she wondered whether or not she should say anything or even if she would be allowed to, so she took a gamble with “Thank you, Mistress Kendra.”

“You’re welcome, Slave Petra. There seems to be something on your mind, and I have no doubt that you have a few questions, so I will allow you two questions and no more.”

Are you joking? You would actually allow me this? Wait, if I ask you this, I will end up using up the questions, so I shouldn’t respond in that manner. Anyway, I know what the first question should be. There was a deep inhale by the captive lady before she said “How did all of this present situation come about?”

“Well, it started when Diana was being dumped on me by my sister and brother-in-law, and she was playing the usual cops and robbers games. It wasn’t long before she wanted me to play the games with her and it wasn’t unusual for either of us to spend several hours with one of us being bound and gagged. When Diana reached sixteen and stayed with me, her rope-work became far more elaborate, so I had to learn how to be that good as well which involved me leaning techniques from quite a few sites. As my niece was under eighteen, I placed strict rules on the game so that no laws would be broken, as I did not want either of us to get into any trouble.”

“I also noticed that Diana’s attitude towards me had changed as she matured, so the rules changed once she became an adult which led to her first overnight bondage session on the night of her eighteenth birthday. Has she told you about that?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Petra said “She mentioned about how you left her bound, gagged and blindfolded.”

“Did she mention that she was also naked?”

“No, Mistress Kendra, Diana didn’t mention that.”

“Well, I checked on my niece every so often during the night, and the last time was when she was struggling against her bonds in a state of high arousal. I watched entranced for a few minutes with her begging and pleading for help, and then I helped her to find the release that she craved.”

“After that, things have become very intimate with us and we have often played these games with each other. It is not unusual for one of us to spend the whole night tied to a bed with the release only happening in the morning. After all, you must have heard me in my nude bondage this morning, because I heard you being taken to the toilets by my niece. Anyway, that is the condensed version, so ask your second question.”

I’ve heard Diana mention it before, but I have to check it from you.

The captive took another deep breath. “Mistress, from what I’ve learnt, both you and your niece have practised nude bondage on each other and even brought each other to orgasm. Given British laws on such matters, how can it not be illegal, even though Diana says it isn’t?”

“I can’t show you at the moment, because your blindfold is staying on until after a certain time past your kidnapping, but British law is quite interesting on this matter. The British law concerning sex with an adult relative mentions that a crime is committed when there is penetration. To put it simply, so long as my niece or I do not stick anything inside each other’s lower front or back so to speak, there isn’t even a crime in the first place. At least that is how it reads, unless someone has written it wrong, and it was even mentioned in a broadsheet newspaper once.”

If the law is that specific then you can kiss, spank, caress, tease, tie and torment each other, yet be perfectly legal. No wonder you two have been having such fun. I can see why you having been working so hard to hide your situation though as other people may not know the law, and I wonder if Slimey has actually gone to the police and been told that no law has been broken.

“But Mistress Kendra, aren’t you worried that I know what you two are-ULF!” Again the helpless Petra was prevented from completing what she was saying when a ball was forced into her mouth.

“You only get two questions, and you are going to be punished for your insolence, slave.”

This is different from the gag that was used on me last night. Once the large rubber ball was in Petra’s mouth, she noticed that there was a wide panel pressing across her face as the side straps were taken around to the back of her neck where they were buckled together. You’ve got more to do? An inverted Y-shaped strap was taken from the top of the panel, over the top of the captive’s head and buckled into place at the back of her neck, before two lower straps were taken under her chin and secured into place. I can’t move my jaw with this gag and the panel is sealing my mouth so that I have to breathe through my nose.

“The panel harness gag is quite effective, and it feels very restrictive to a captive.” Kendra said as she placed the helpless woman into a sitting position with her legs over the side of the bed. “You look wonderful as our slave, Petra, but you must be punished for speaking too much.”

What are you planning now? The bound lady felt something metallic and cold against her right breast which was followed by a gentle compression of her nipple as if it was gripped by two metal bars, and her left nipple experienced the same sensation just a few seconds later. This is okay, even though my nipples are being pulled down a little, so it can’t be a punishm-OW! There was movement at each breast and there was a sudden increase in pressure on her nipples which was sufficient to inflict a mild stinging.

“These are thumbscrew style nipple clamps, and they are connected by a chain. Now, would you like me to turn the screws further?”

There was a vigorous shaking of the captive’s head as she felt that she didn’t want it to get any worse. It isn’t bad actually, unless Mistress Kendra decides to pul-OW!

“Get on your feet, slave.” Mistress Kendra said, emphasising her words with another tug on the chain. “We are going for a little walk, or in your case, a little hop. You have been stuck in this room for far to long.”

The helpless woman got on her feet and she was guided by tugs that stung only a little as she followed behind her captor, taking only small hops in the process. This stinging isn’t so bad, but the problem is that I may be getting aroused by this little torment, as I can feel the flame growing between my legs again. It didn’t take long for her to reach the doorway and feel the difference in the carpet, and soon the feeling of cold tiles gave her the impression that she had entered the kitchen. The sound of a door opening came as a bit of a surprise, though and after a few more hops the texture under the soles of her feet changed.

I must be outside, as this feels like paving. Where are you taking me? Cool air from a breeze ran over the nude body of the captive as she hopped along, and after half a minute she felt the sensation of damp grass under her feet which caused a worried expression to appear on the visible parts of her face. You have me naked, bound, gagged and blindfolded in your back garden. What if the neighbours see us? They could end up calling the police and we could all end up in police cells over the weekend before ending up in court on Tuesday.

“This is part of the fun of being outside, slave. Will someone find us playing our game and will we get into trouble? This is so thrilling.” Kendra said “We are at the point where I want you, so turn around.”

Petra shuffled around so that she was facing in the opposite direction, and she was surprised when the ropes that bound her arms to her body were removed before her elbows and wrists were freed. Her wrists were gripped by Kendra who pulled the captive back and she squealed through her nose as she felt the touch of cold metal along her back. It’s a steel pole in the garden. Her hands were brought together palm to palm behind the pole and a length of rope was looped eight times around her wrists with three cinches applied to tighten it before the ends were knotted together. Next, there was a muted cry from the nude prisoner as her elbows were brought together and cord was wound around her joints before it was cinched so that her elbows almost touched behind the pole.

The two long ropes that bound the captive’s arms to her chest and waist before were used to bind her upper body to the pole, and the helpless lady found out that she remained in position even if she bent her legs. I’m bound to a pole like some captive girl in a kinky game of cowboys and Indians. If someone goes into their garden, you can run back into the house, but I’ll be discovered in nude bondage! What are you doing to my feet? The ropes that bound the nude captive from below her knees to her big toes were removed before her feet were pulled behind the pole and a coil of rope bound and cinched her ankles together. If it wasn’t for the ropes around my chest and body, I would be on my knees right now.

“Oh, there’s still one little thing to add before I’ve finished.”

There was a struggle from the woman as one end of a length of cord was tied to the bonds that secured her ankles together, and a sense of fear developed as the other end was looped over the rope around her wrists. Oh no, you can’t mean to- There was a sharp pull on the rope and her feet were pulled up into the air until they almost reached her hands before the end was secured.

I’m not only tied naked to a pole, but I’m hogtied and suspended as well!

“You look incredible like that, Petra. Now I can have a lot of fun with you.” Kendra said as there was the sound of tearing tape, and the strip was placed over the bridge of the captive’s nose so that it was depressed.

You can’t play with me outside. What if someone goes into their back garden? Oh Kendra, please stop!

“I’m going to give your feet such a ferocious tickling for a start, and nothing is going to stop me.” Kendra said as the captive squirmed in her bondage on the pole.

Oh no, you’ll have to stop. Untie me and get me inside! There was the sound of a door opening, and the clicking of heels on pavement indicated that someone next door was walking down the garden path. Kendra don’t do anything or we’ll be discovered for sure! This person must have seen us!

“Ready then.” Kendra whispered into Petra’s ears. “Three, two, one, go.”

The soles of Petra’s feet felt as if they were on fire as the fingernails of her captor raked over them at speed…

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